Liz & Jewels

One designer and one photographer, on two continents, sharing their love for food and photography.

They love working together, although Liz is in Germany and Jewels is in the US. Together they published several cookbooks. Liz as the designer and Jewels as the photographer. Now they’re also sharing cooking ideas and inspiration on their blog because life is so full of wonderful things on both continents.

Liz & Jewels have hosted many „Food Styling & Photography Workshops“ in Germany and the US. Their work has been featured in magazines and they contributed monthly to the wonderful blog decor8 with their „Food in Motion“ series.

2015 their blog was awarded 2nd prize at the „German Food Blog Contest“ in the category „Innovation & Herzblut“. In May 2015 Liz won the first prize at the „Pink Lady Food Photographer Award“ for her non-documentary film „Cranberry & Scones“.

Liz:I’m a graphic designer and cookbook author, based in Germany. I published my first cookbook in 2010, the second in 2011. Together with my business partner I invented „Anni“: a friendly kitchen expert, the kind of grandmother everyone wants and I somehow had. The first cookbook Anni kocht in Münster, took readers by storm, followed one year later by „Anni backt in Münster“, its baking equivalent. In 2012 the children’s cookbook „Anni kocht für Kinder“ was published. We just finished our 4th cookbook „Grüße aus meiner Küche„, that was published in January 2014. Jewels shot all cookbooks and we just love working together. It’s fun, efficient and just wonderful. We’re also authors of the cookbook „DAYlicious“ and „Picknick“ where 6 great food blogger ladies came together to write a wonderful book.

When I’m not in the kitchen trying out new recipes, I’m busy as one of the founding partners in my own business, the agency for communication design Nieschlag + Wentrup. In addition to that I also founded the fashion label „Lizzawest“, with the focus on T-Shirts for women and children.

Above all I’m a mother of a charming five-year-old girl.

Jewels:I’m a photographer living in Brooklyn, though my heart sometimes still resides in my hometown – Münster, Germany.

Loving delicious things it is not surprising that almost everything I photograph is food and babies. My food photography you can find not only here on this blog but also in the many cookbooks I photographed, but also in various food magazines.

My second passion are babies and taking photos of them. I just love those little feet and tiny fingers… So I created Deer Baby Photography.

On top of figuring out how to live in Brooklyn happily, healthily, and with style, I take care of my lovely puppy Lola and my handsome husband Mike. Last summer we welcomed a new little addition to the family: Our baby Clementine.

To see more of my food photography, click here: www.deerfoodphoto.com


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  1. Ich habe mir schon mal die Adresse gemerkt;-) Und uns fehlt Julia in Deutschland natürlich sehr. Brooklyn ist so verdammt weit weg;-(

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