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Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Weimar

Yes! We did it.

Last weekend, we had our first food photography workshop in the beautiful city of Weimar, Germany. 14 participants came to the Schloss Ettersburg to learn about photography, styling and cookbook inspiration. Along with stylist Meeta Wolff, known from the blog „What’s for lunch, honey?“ we spent two great days teaching the tricks and tips of good food photography to a wonderful mix of bloggers, foodies, stylists and regular eaters.

The highlight of the workshop was guest speaker Holly Becker from decor8. She is a stylist and blogger and many other things in between. She was as able to talk for 2 hours non-stop in a way that made me almost forget breathing and inspired me to blow my horn a little louder.

Thanks to our sponsor Viani we had some delicious, Italian props for the assignment part of the workshop. Funnily, Mr. Viani himself joined the workshop to learn how to photograph his own food in the future.

Kahla porcelain was very generous by sending us many, many kilos of plates, cups, bowls, jugs, mugs and even amuse gueule spoons. That big selection made it very easy for the participants to create good shots.

And a big „Thank you“ also goes to our other sponsors from Cinebook Online, Aschendorff Verlag, 7sonntage and Lizzawest!

Overall everything went so well that I can not wait to plan the next workshop.

There are more articles about our workshop in these blogs. Thank you:

What’s for lunch, honey? from Meeta

JungleFrog Cooking from Simone

Vollwert-Blog from Soenke & Melanie

Food-Vegetarisch from Eva


– Liz & Jewels


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  4. A nice recap and a great idea you both had! Looking forward to see more „double recipes“ here and would like to stay in touch.
    Hugs, Sandy

    • Dear Sandy, thanks for your feedback! Would very much like to stay in touch, too. But it’s easy with Facebook and Blogs, so it really should work out!
      Hugs, Lisa

  5. Hey girls,

    tolle Beiträge zu euren Workshops. Gibt es schon Termine für den Sommer, so ende Juli/August. Ich würde gerne an einem eurer Workshops in Deutschland teilnehmen.
    Würde mich über mehr Infos von euch freuen.

    LG Nancy

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