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Foodie Workshop Weekend

What a way to start the new year! We had barely recovered from all the christmas cookie feasting when we invited 31 foodies to come into the Factory Hotel in Münster to learn how to take beautiful pictures of food.

And now we are finally writing a review about it! Sorry it took us so long! I had to fly back to New York and get settled back into my normal routine over here. Actually, we have a quite new routine. Clementine started daycare twice a week so that mommy can get some work done! As other moms can imagine, I was quite nervous.

And what is Liz up to? She is currently working on the final touches of our new book that will be coming out in the fall of this year. What will it be about? That is of course super confidential at this point. I will only give away this much: You think Christmas is over? Think again.

Now I will FINALLY tell you what our workshop was all about!

On day ONE we opened the doors to photography beginners. 15 foodies from all over Germany (and two ladies from Austria!) came to our hometown of Münster. After giving them an introduction to the basics of food photography, Liz showed them the tricks and tips of food styling and image composition. Special guest speaker was Sonja Harnisch, a PR guru, that gave our participants some good insights on how to give their blog a solid concept and a good marketing strategy. In the afternoon we gave our participants an assignment: To style a little breakfast setting using some granola, fruit, and yogurt. The Factory Hotel was the perfect location for this because of its ginormous windows! Everybody seemed excited to try out their newly learned skills and we were happy and proud to see everybody’s results.


Day TWO of our workshop weekend was tailored to more advanced camera users. Most of them know what all the buttons and wheels are for on their equipment. So, I fastforwarded through my photography basics presentation so that our wonderful guest speaker Dietlind Wolf had a good amount of time to invite our students on a virtual fieldtrip into her beautiful, creative mind. If you know her work you know what I am talking about. The room was completely silent as everybody was taking in every word she said. That gave our students the perfect starting point to come up with an idea of their own for our afternoon assignment: Picnic sandwiches. We provided all kinds of savory ingredients and breads to play with. And the outcome was amazing! We are super proud of what our students achieved during both days.


We want to thank the Factory Hotel for being the coolest location ever. A special thanks also goes out to the generous sponsors of this event (see at the bottom). And thanks to my parents, Anne and Michi, who helped us everywhere they could and took tons of pictures and videos!

This little video should give you some more impressions of what our foodie weekend looked like.

Music by my wonderful friend Bryan Weber’s band „Zelazowa“.

And who attended? Here is a list of our wonderful participants:
Yvonne –
Eva –
Melanie –
Sabine –
Melanie –
Kerstin –
Karin –
Vanessa –
Annemarie –
Anni –
Ines –
Nadine –
Mona –
Natalie –
Nicola –
Kathrin –
Angela –
Sandi –
Sara –
Edith –
Julietta –
Veronika –

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