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9 Kommentare

  1. Mecki Spener sagt

    curiuos to get information from you, my favorite was „smitten kitchen“ since today, I think I have a new one … regards M.

  2. Maria Karagianni sagt

    Good evening my name is Maria and i am from Athens Greece .
    i was wondering if you gonna have a workshop to Paris in the period of November

    Best regards

    • Dear Maria, no we haven’t planned a workshop in Paris in November. Sorry.
      Best, Liz

  3. Almut Kellermeyer sagt

    Interested in your workshops 🙂 Can you send me the date for your next workshop in Münster?
    Kind regards

  4. Cheryl B. Kerr sagt

    I am interested in food photography, cooking, and blogging with my 7 year old grand-daughter who lives to bake gluten free cakes.

    • Please send us an email so that we have more information about your interests and where you are located. best regards, liz

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