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  1. What a fantastic idea! Just stumbled across your blog via Decor8 and am definitely bookmarking you for regular reading. I’m based in England and my sister in Canada and we often pass recipes to each other and compare our different out comes. Especially since we both just got ice cream makers! Great blog and beautiful pictures! Thank you!


    • Dear Claire! Thank you for the compliment on our blog! You can now subscribe to our blog, that’s new, so maybe you might want to do it!
      Sounds like fun exchanging ice-cream-pictures between England and Canada. I also like your blog!
      best, liz

  2. Fridi sagt

    Hi Liz & Jewels!
    I love your blog. Makes me want to learn how to cook properly :)
    I was searching for a nice recipe for my favourite breakfast dish – eggs royale.
    How about a challenge for the best eggs benedict variation? I would love to see what ideas you come up with…

    • Hi! The Eggs Benedict are on our „To-Do-List“! Thank you for your input!
      best, liz

  3. Loved this idea. Some of my friends and I live on different continents and we always ask each other about food and what we are eating.
    Will def follow you.

  4. I just discovered your blog via BYW and so glad I did. I love it! What a great idea, and your photography is beautiful. You have a new follower now :-)

    • Thank you, Anna! Looked at your blog and also liked it a lot!

  5. What a brilliant idea! Do you never wish to try each others food when you see the images?
    I’m from he German-French border and currently living in Munich. It’s already very interesting to see how dishes I know transform with Westphalian ingredients – we in the south of Germany never use Pumpernickel for example.

    • thanks for stopping by, Caroline! Visited your blog and also like it a lot!

  6. Anthea sagt

    Totally intrigued by your
    idea to style and produce the same recipe. Totally cool.
    Photo with the empty bowl on turquise is one of my favourites :)

    .(PS yA complete aside, but your site doesn’t allow my website url for some reason, just thought you should know

  7. Fabulous idea. So much care and love in the photographs here! I got introduced to your work through decor 8 ‚food in motion.‘ I looooove this challenge of preparing similar recipes and seeing how seosanal ingredients, regional differences, personal touch, weather, etc, affect the beauty you create. I’ll be back for more.. :) Congrats ladies!

    • Thanks, Marjory! We also like the idea of „Food in Motion“ and it’s something new to us, too!

  8. I was also introduced to you by decor8 and I am in absolute love for your blog and the challenge idea Liz and Jewels. The pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. This story is so much part of my life as an immigrant in Canada. I am always bouncing new recipes with my family in Brazil. Some vegetables look and taste a bit different there. Anyway, just want to say that you are an inspiration!

  9. The Sacher stopped me in my tracks! Mouthwatering stunning photography. I found your blog through BYW and I tell you, it was worth the admission of the class. Brilliant blog, inspiring recipes and challenges. I’m a fan! Can’t wait to see more. And make the Sacher! Yum.

    • thank you so much for your comment on our blog! Tell us how the Sacher turned out!
      Best, Liz

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