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50 Shades of White

Jewels:I love winning. Unfortunately it’s hard to win in a chili cook off competition with a chili that doesn’t contain any animals. My friends organize a yearly chili cook off, and every year I make a different version of a „white chili“ that is made of beans, chilis, potatoes, and some other veggies. I get teased a lot: „Oh Julia did you make that delicious soup again?“ They refuse to call it chili. That’s ok, I love my soup.


This year I tried a very simple version with mostly white big beans and called it „50 Shades of White“. You can’t get anywhere calling it „Vegetarian Chili“.


There are four categories in which you can win: Best Chili, Worst Chili, Most Creative Chili, and Miss Congeniality. Don’t ask me what the last one means but I have won it twice in the past! One year I won Most Create, Miss Congeniality, and Worst Chili! What an honor!!


This year my brother in law put sour patch kids in his chili which to me sounds absolutely disgusting. I couldn’t try it because it had chicken in it, but I heard very mixed reviews about it, the most respectful one being „It’s memorable“.


He ended up taking MY three trophies home. Well… at least they are staying in the family. Best chili was won by Danny who made a „Chicken Corn Chili with jalapeno cornbread“ and it was called „Too Many Cooks“.

Looks like I have to step up my chili game next year.

Liz, how award winning did your chili taste?

Liz:Mine was fine, but I’d also call it „soup“ and not chili. But I must say, you really should have won the prize for „Most Creative Name“.
Since Jewels made her chili for tons of people and just passed on the recipe via whatsapp I also improvised a bit. What we used:
– white beans
– white onions
– corn
– jalapenos
– cilantro
– cream & milk
– salt

Try it yourself and improvise a bit and maybe you’ll win the prize for „best chili“. Tell us about it!