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Anni kocht für Kinder

Our third cookbook ist published!!!

Yes, „Anni kocht für Kinder“ (Anni cooks for kids) is out! We are so happy about that. After our first two Anni-cookbooks were such hits, we knew we wanted to make a 3rd one.

Watch a little movie about the book here!

With the help of a nutritionist we figured out which recipes are good for kids and will be liked by kids. And of course we had our little „test-kids“ try if they like the food we made for them. Jewels was the photographer for this book and Liz developed the recipes and concept and together with her business partner Lars did the layout.

If you want to have your very own copy, click here.

– Jewels

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  1. both are a super talented bunch. Two cookbooks with the third one now. That’s amazing 🙂

    • thanks, lakshmi! this one was so much fun! working with the kids was awesome.

  2. Hallo Ihr Lieben! Ich freu mich so über dieses Buch, das genau rechtzeitig kommt und es ist direkt auf meiner Wunschliste gelandet!! 🙂
    Viel Erfolg weiterhin!!

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