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Aphrodisiac Challenge

What? Aphrodisiac? Yes. My friend Fed has a cooking school called Sex on the Table. I knew that love and food had a strong connection but I have never put it quite this bluntly. But I’m all in for a seductive meal! So my husband and I decided to take a class.

Fed taught us that an aphrodisiac meal is all about getting the senses to work in union: feeling, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting. One of the sexy dishes was a falafel with artichokes and fresh tomato sauce. I especially loved the falafel because it takes about 3,5 minutes to make it. All you guys know how much Liz and I love a fast but good meal!

Our friend Kerstin from Davert was at our last workshop and brought us a few treats, one of them being chickpeas. So that was the perfect occasion to finally do the falafel recipe again and share it with Liz.

So Liz, how was the aphrodisiacal effect for you?

Jewels, I had to laugh out loud when reading the headline you chose! I didn’t have an aphrodisiac feeling at all when mixing up the falafel! The term I’d choose would be more like „frustration“! Maybe because my kitchen was a huge mess after making them or because they didn’t work out right away. Somehow the mixture didn’t want to blend well, because it was to dry. So I added water and olive oil. But then it was too wet! When I started making ’small patties‘ (as your friend Fed wrote in his recipe) I couldn’t form ’small patties‘, but instead just had a dripping chickpea-mass in my hand! In my dispair I added a little bit of flour.
And why did this happen? Because I didn’t read the recipe correctly! I thought I had to cook the chickpeas after soaking them, but that was not the right thing to do. I should have put them in the blender right after soaking! So that’s probably the reason it didn’t work on my side of the world and why the aphrodisical thing didn’t hit me! The falafel tasted great this way, too. So I promise to read the recipe better next time and we’ll just eat the rest as hummus on bread instead of trying to fry hummus in a pan!



Serves 4

1 cup dried Chickpeas soak in water overnight.

1 large onion chopped add together with drained chickpeas in a food processor

2 cloves of garlic, pressed

1 teaspoon coriander

1 Teaspoon Cumin ground

add all of this to the chickpeas

salt, pepper

process the chickpeas and spices until completely mashed.

You want this to be a thick paste. If too dry, add olive oil and water.

1 small bunch of parsley chopped, add to paste.

Fry small patties in coconut oil.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures taken! SO BEAUTIFUL! What are these goreous dark backgrouds and what did you do so the frame is darker than the center? Oh my, can you please repead the workshop? It was super fun and there is still so much to learn from you!

    • thank you! we’re thinking of offering a photoshop/lightroom workshop in may in Münster. If you’d like to come, let us know!

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