Autor: Anni

Gluten Free Bread… So good!

I have never been too successful with baking bread in the past. Last time, I confused yeast with baking powder and wondered why the bread didn’t rise. But even when I do follow the recipe step by step, it doesn’t taste as good as what I can buy at a German bakery. Here in New […]

This week: Challenge for 3!

What?? A challenge for 3? What is going on here? Well this week we are making an exception and are changing our mathematics a little bit: Liz + Jewels + Ronja = Challenge for 3! But who is Ronja?? Ronja is the creator of the blog My World, where she shares her favorite recipes and […]

Green Asparagus Tart with Goat Cheese

In Germany we currently have the very much beloved „Spargelzeit“. For Americans this might sound a little strange because you can get everything at all times all year round, but asparagus in Germany is still a very distinctly seasonal product. During the Spargelzeit Germans eat the white asparagus almost every day. Traditionally we cook it […]

S’more Eclairs

Eclairs are known in both of „our“ continents. But I think that in Germany most people don’t know what a „S’more“ is. For the German readers: S’more is the short version for „some more“. Imagine you are child with a full mouth of something sweet and then raise your eyebrows and beg for „some more!“. […]

Childhood Memories

Post aus meiner Küche  goes USA! I think I was the first participan of „gifts from my kitchen“ that lives in the US! Luckily they were able to find me a kitchen partner! Her name is Peggy and she lives in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Post aus meiner Küche is a great way to connect with a stranger […]

Mary’s Almond Tart

Jewels: My friend Annie has a mom named Mary. Mary knows how to bake an almond tart like no one else. The recipe is so simple, yet so good. It tastes like soft marzipan on the inside and like crunchy cookies on the outside. Mary was so nice to reveal the recipe to us, I […]

The Chestnut Hunt

Jewels: I supposedly live in this city of infinite possibilities. Where you can get anything at all times. Chestnuts, however, don’t seem to be on that list. Or at least they apparently require a special code word at the supermarket. After going to two supermarkets and having asked about 6 store employees I was ready […]