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Sweet Paul’s Childhood Memory

Can anybody really resist chocolate? And if it’s combined with butter, sugar, eggs and topped with sweet raspberries isn’t it just divine? Well, that’s what we thought at least and suggested to bake, style and shoot Raspberry Brownies for the Sweet Paul Magazine Germany. We had read that Paul Lowe has childhood memories of Raspberry […]

Food Styling and Photography Workshop NYC

Yesterday, on a beautiful Sunday, we had our 2nd Food Styling and Photography Workshop in NYC. Unfortunately the trip was a little too far for Liz, so she wasn’t able to be there. Instead I was teaching along with the food and prop stylist Sylvia who was an instructor at our last NYC workshop as […]

Voulez-vous camembert avec moi?

Oui. Je veux. Or at least I will try. Liz made up this recipe in her head because le camembert was calling her name. I like all kinds of cheeses so I was up for the challenge. I ended up liking this dish a lot. It was very easy to make and was super delicious. […]

DMBLGIT – Winners!!!

Finally we have our winners! And it was not easy to pick! 79 photos (!) were submitted and we had to do quite some thinking and lots of math to figure out who the winners are. The judges were: Jeanny from the blog Zucker, Zimt und Liebe, Svenja Paulsen, a food and lifestyle photographer and […]

Why Americans love Germans…

Jewels: It is not only the beer they love us for. They also love our Brezeln, or Pretzels as they like to say. So Liz and I wanted to share this very delicious recipe with you. I must admit that I was a little cukoo when I was mixing the ingredients together. I grabbed the […]

Food Styling and Photography Workshops in Münster

Eine Zusammenfassung unserer beiden Workshop-Tage in Münster gibt es hier! ————————————————————————————————- Wir freuen uns sehr, unsere nächsten Workshops anzukündigen! Dafür kehren wir zurück in unsere Heimatstadt Münster und laden die Teilnehmer ein zu einer tollen Location direkt am Hafen. Wir werden bei „Krukenkamp am Kai“ zu Gast sein und mit wunderschönem Blick auf’s Wasser könnt […]

Food Styling and Photography Workshop in NYC

Oh yes, we are doing it again! We’re so excited to announce our upcoming workshop on March 3rd in NEW YORK City: Food Styling & Photography Workshop for Food Lovers & Food Bloggers Join us for a one day intensive workshop to learn the fundamentals of Food Styling and Photography for Food Lovers & Bloggers. Julia will teach […]

Sweet Braided Bread

Or as us Germans call it: Hefezopf („Yeast Ponytail“). In the US it is mostly known as Challah Bread. Germans like to eat this sweet fluffy bread especially around Easter Time. With some butter and a hot chocolate it is so good. Liz told me how delicious hers was and how her family ate it […]

Challenge: Emperor’s Nonsense

Liz is spending Christmas in Bavaria and apparently got overpowered by their southern traditions. For this week’s challenge she wanted to make Kaiserschmarrn. It is a puffy, caramelized pancake made from a sweet batter. Supposedly the dish was first prepared for the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I in the 19th century. His wife Elisabeth of Bavaria was obsessed with maintaining a […]

Challenge: Glühweinkekse

Liz: A few weeks ago we were asked by the wonderful sisters Thea & Toni Neubauer if we would consider contributing to „Sister Magazine„, a beautiful online magazine! And of course we were thrilled and excited! Two days ago, the Christmas edition of „Sister Magazine“ was published and the article about us is entitled, „A […]

Virgin Chocolate made in Brooklyn

I like when good things come in beautiful packages. And that is the first thing I noticed about Raaka. The chocolates come in paper wrapped bars that look like thoughtfully hand-drawn pieces of art. Of course the next thing you can’t help to notice is that it says virgin everywhere. What does that mean for […]

Jewel’s favorite cook books

I like cooking with just what I have in the fridge and what my feeling tells me to do. But sometimes it is nice to actually prepare: Find a good sounding recipe, buy the right ingredients and take my time to make something delicious. My four favorite cook books currently are:   The Joy of […]

Feines Zeug GIVE AWAY VOL 2

We are happy to announce that we are giving out TWO more Give Away Packages from “Feines Zeug“. This time it is for people from the US only! Feines Zeug is a Hamburg based firm specialized on nuts and dried fruit in handpicked quality and with great packaging! The products also have great names, for […]

Challenge: Mulled Pear Wine

Jewels: The outside is getting colder so the drinks are getting warmer – and faster. I really like mulled wine and hot apple cider. This Mulled Pear Wine is a beautiful version of both. My little vegetable store didn’t have pears today, so I replaced them with apples, which tasted very good as well! Liz: […]

nunu chocolates in Brooklyn

oh…. how I love salted caramel. I like Salted Caramel Pie (but you know that already), Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Salted Caramel everything. On the very top of this list are the Salted Caramel Chocolates from nunu in Brooklyn. I visited their flagship store and little manufacturing kitchen last week and oh did it smell […]

Salted Caramel Pie

Jewels: My husbands loves me extra much when I bake this pie. It is the sweet that meets the salty in this creamy layer on a crunchy bottom. WOW. So good… I told Liz about this pie and she wasn’t thrilled about the unhealthy sounding recipe and unfortunately her tongue agreed. She did not like […]

Challenge: Plum Pie with Caramelized Almonds

For this week’s challenge we decided to make a traditional German plum pie. For some excitement we added the caramelized almonds instead of the classic Streusel us Germans like so much. The almonds definitely give it a nice crunch factor. I am always nervous when making caramel though, it literally stresses me out to the […]

Food Styling and Photography Workshop NYC

Finally! Yesterday was the culmination of all of our planning and anticipation: The Food Styling and Photography Workshop in a beautiful kitchen loft in Chelsea, New York. We were looking forward to getting to know our participants: aspiring bloggers, photographers, bakers and the ones that just wanted to learn something new. We started the day […]

Landbrot – A Piece of Home

All Germans will agree with me when I say: it is not easy to get good bread in the US. Luckily I have lived here long enough to know my few spots where to get bread that actually has a good crust and a nice sourdoughy inside. I am happy that I can add another […]

Zucchini Dumplings

We have never mentioned it, but I am a vegetarian. Maybe you have noticed by now that none of our recipes contain animals. Liz has been patiently putting up with that and continues suggesting vegetarian dishes. Which makes me very happy! This week we cooked something that neither of us even knew existed. I honestly […]

Challenge no 14: Pink Soup

Isn’t pink soup just gorgeous? I love that flashy color. It is made with red beets, which are so healthy in many different ways. The soup is very easy to make and doesn’t need a very specific recipe. Here is how I make it: I peel and dice one large red beet, one carrot, one […]

Anni kocht für Kinder

Our third cookbook ist published!!! Yes, „Anni kocht für Kinder“ (Anni cooks for kids) is out! We are so happy about that. After our first two Anni-cookbooks were such hits, we knew we wanted to make a 3rd one. Watch a little movie about the book here! With the help of a nutritionist we figured […]

Challenge no 12: Makrönchen

Oh yes, we are feeling christmassy a little early this year. Although these little Makrönchen are so delicious I could eat them all year! Also, it only takes about 7 seconds to make them. All you need to do is mix 100g of almond flour with 75g of powder sugar. Then add one egg white and 1tsp of almond extract (alternatively you could […]

All White Theme – Challenge no 11

Liz and I decided that we want to participate in the All White Theme of the JungleFrog Cooking blog by our friend Simone. We decided to both bake a German Sandkuchen. Turns out the cake is not much more exciting than the name and definitely needs a good side dish like a plum compote for example. […]

A coffee in the forest

Last summer, by the harbor of my hometown Muenster (Germany), a lovely cafe opened. It is called Birkenwald which means birch forest. It is run by four architectural students and is actually decorated with birches, too. Besides very good coffee they offer homemade cakes and cookies. So if you ever make it to my hometown, this […]

oh deer… now for sale.

I love deers. I think their head has such a powerful and beautiful shape. So I decided to make a pendant out of it and attach it to a chain. I love wearing this little animal around my neck. If you would like to wear your own little bambi, you are lucky because the necklace […]

Purple Potato Salad

This week I discovered purple potatoes. For some reason I didn’t even know they existed. I find them absolutely beautiful. Even the inside is purple! This recipe is great for a summer picknick: 5 purple potatoes (cooked and diced) 4 stalks scallions (sliced) 1 green pepper (diced) 1 garlic clove (minced) 1 cup yogurt 1 […]

Challenge no 7: White Chowder Chili

Some might call it soup. I call it The White Chowder Chili. My family loves this dish. I invented it to compete in the Chili in the Willy Cook off this year. It is a local contest where people from Williamsburg come together to show off their chili cooking skills. This year 19 chilis competed, […]

Tears in Brooklyn – Challenge No 5

This challenge made me cry because I was not using my brain for a minute. I made these Jalapeno Poppers early in the morning before I had even put make up on. So once they were in the oven I figured I could use the baking time to get ready. So far pretty smart. For […]

Challenge no 3: Spicy Watermelon Salad

This week has been so hot in New York. Which makes it the perfect weather for a watermelon salad. The weather in Münster didn’t really call for a watermelon salad because it was a cold and rainy week. But a challenge is a challenge!   The recipe is very easy: Watermelon Feta cheese Jalapenos Cilantro […]

Green Salsa

Every week I receive a „green box“ with herbs, vegetables, cheese, bread and eggs. Everything comes from local organic farms. I love how sometimes there are items in there that I have never heard of. This week’s surprise: Ground cherries. A ground cherry actually doesn’t look like a cherry at all, more like a baby […]

ONE battle in TWO pots – the premiere!

Oh yes, we have a plan. So far one might think that we were just blogging away, but no. One is wrong. Every week, Lisa and I will come together to challenge each other. Or actually I should say: We will NOT come together. We will both cook the same recipe, then style and photograph […]

Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Weimar

Yes! We did it. Last weekend, we had our first food photography workshop in the beautiful city of Weimar, Germany. 14 participants came to the Schloss Ettersburg to learn about photography, styling and cookbook inspiration. Along with stylist Meeta Wolff, known from the blog „What’s for lunch, honey?“ we spent two great days teaching the […]

Raw Cawley Flower Salad

This salad is so delicious! And super easy to make. Thinly slice the cauliflower, add orange filets and grated red beets. The vinaigrette is made of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper and lots of fresh lemon juice and a hint of maple syrup. Herbs can be added. – Jewels

Schatz, ich habe eine Schale gehäkelt!

Wenn der Mann auf reisen ist, hat die Frau endlich mal Zeit, sich handwerklich zu verwirklichen. Es gibt doch nichts schöneres als ein Abend mit der Häkelnadel! Und die Zitronen können unmöglich weiterhin so herrenlos auf der Küchenarbeitsplatte liegen. Sie brauchen ein zu Hause. Man nehme also eine leichten Jerseystoff, schneide ihn in schmale Streifen, […]