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Potatoes on WHAT?!

Have you noticed that Jewels and I love super simple recipes? You probably have. We’re both working moms and always very busy. So simple recipes really make us happy! My last four weeks have been a bit busier than usual because I had the honor of being a co-teacher over at Holly Becker’s Blogging Your […]

Jewels wants S’more! Liz nicht.

Es gibt Dinge im Leben, die hat man noch nie ausprobiert. Oft fährt man ja auch ganz gut damit, sich auf seinen Instinkt zu verlassen. Der sagt einem meistens, was einem schmeckt oder eben nicht. Ich jedenfalls hatte noch nie etwas gemacht, das sich „S’more Pie“ nannte. Als Jewels mit dem Rezeptvorschlag in meiner Inbox […]

Improvising on two continents…

„Two girls cooking on two continents“? This week it’s more like „Two stressed moms improvising on two continents.“ The plan was to make black forest cake, a traditional German cake. My mom Anne provided her a super simple and popular recipe. Anne is not much of traditional mom in the kitchen. Everything has to be […]

Happy Sacher

I am a big chocolate fan. Big big. So whenever Liz suggests a recipe that has chocolate in it I am easily convinced. This week the chocolate even has a good occasion! Giulia from Audrey’s asked us if we wanted to contribute a post for her blog in the category „Be my guest„. She told us her […]

Heiß & Fettig!

Manchmal müssen Dinge einfach schnell gehen. Da ist dann keine Zeit für langes Nachdenken oder Rumprobieren. Da denkt man auch nicht über Rezept-Alternativen nach (da steht „Frittieren“ im Rezept??? Äh, ja, ok, dann eben frittieren.) Da hat man ein Zeitfenster und in da muss alles hineinpassen. Am Sonntag lag mein Zeitfenster für dieses Rezept bei […]

Tomatenbrot für drinnen und draußen

Neulich habe wir Euch gefragt, was wir mal für Euch kochen oder backen sollen. Es sollte was zum Thema Picknick sein. Neulich war das Wetter aber auch noch gut. Konnte ja keiner ahnen, dass der Sommer zumindest in Münster so plötzlich im Regen untergeht. In New York hatten wir noch etwas länger gutes Wetter. Das […]

Liz & Jewels meet Backbube

Warum sind Foodblogger eigentlich immer Mädchen? Die bekanntesten Spitzenköche sind doch auch Jungs! Vielleicht liegt es an dem weiblichen Mitteilungsbedürfnis.  Wir erzählen eben gerade darüber, was wir so gezaubert haben und tauschen uns darüber aus, warum der Pudding unten angebrannt ist. Jungs behalten solche Missgeschicke wohl lieber für sich. Es gibt aber einen, der ist […]

Good Times Come in Three

Usually bad things come in three, but in this case the bad is good. This challenge is not only between Liz and I, we also included a third girl: Katharina from Miss Blueberrymuffins Kitchen. Katharina had suggested to make „Gemüseküchlein“ (little veggie cakes). Liz and I found them fairly easy to make and pretty delicious. But something […]

Green Butter

Some things are so easy to make, yet I hardly ever make them. Butter with herbs in them is one of them. I love a good slice of German bread with simple butter on it. But when you add some herbs and a bit of salt it even gets better! The other day I bought […]

Plum cake: black & white.

We often get asked, if we really don’t discuss the recipe and the styling before we start cooking and setting up our photo. The answer: No, we really don’t! I’m as excited as a little kid before unpacking a present when the email pops up with  Jewels picture! I can’t wait and usually urge Jewels […]

It’s cherry time

Last year I found an old-fashioned cherry pitter in a thrift shop and fell in love with it. The package looks as if it was from the 50ies. I might be mistaken and it’s not so old, but I loved the idea of having a cherry pitter in the house. Unfortunately it wasn’t cherry time […]

Lemons or Limes

Honestly I am not sure what the difference really is. To me lemons are yellow and limes are green and they both taste sour. I have a big bag of limes here at home, so why go buy lemons just because the recipe is asking for it? Nah… I don’t know what Liz‘ Lemon Cake […]

Bear Paws

Wait a minute? Almost the same photo here? What happened?? Well, as you know, for our „challenges“ Liz and I decide on a recipe and then cook or bake it on our separate continents. We don’t show each other the final picture until we are both done. So apparently this week we both had a […]

Two ways to crumble.

Big changes are happening in my life: I have a new kitchen tool. And it is not just any tool, it is a tool that makes me change the way I bake and cook and eat. And my poor husband has to go with it… Well, only until he manages to bring a proper meal […]

Something new: Quinoa.

Sometimes there are things that you tend to avoid. Not really on purpose, but some tings just sounds weird and are unknown. Like quinoa. How do you even pronounce that? Then all of a sudden I had a box of this in my kitchen because a friend gave it to me. I had heard of […]

This week: Challenge for 3!

What?? A challenge for 3? What is going on here? Well this week we are making an exception and are changing our mathematics a little bit: Liz + Jewels + Ronja = Challenge for 3! But who is Ronja?? Ronja is the creator of the blog My World, where she shares her favorite recipes and […]

Green Asparagus Tart with Goat Cheese

In Germany we currently have the very much beloved „Spargelzeit“. For Americans this might sound a little strange because you can get everything at all times all year round, but asparagus in Germany is still a very distinctly seasonal product. During the Spargelzeit Germans eat the white asparagus almost every day. Traditionally we cook it […]

Bread & Butter Pudding

Die letzten Wochen waren hier ein bisschen verrückt, weil Jewels & ich an unserem vierten Kochbuch gearbeitet haben, zur Abwechslung aber mal auf einem Kontinent!!! Die Freude endlich mal wieder zusammen an einem Projekt zu arbeiten, in einer Küche, an einem Set und an den gleichen Rezepten, war groß! Und es hat sich mal wieder […]

We eat Americans.

Oh yes, in Germany we eat „Amerikaner“. It is a delicious pastry you can get in every bakery at every corner. I have so many childhood memories about getting Amerikaner with my mom. We have never baked them ourselves though because they were so cheap to buy. My mom said they used to be 90 […]

Childhood Memories

Post aus meiner Küche  goes USA! I think I was the first participan of „gifts from my kitchen“ that lives in the US! Luckily they were able to find me a kitchen partner! Her name is Peggy and she lives in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Post aus meiner Küche is a great way to connect with a stranger […]


Die drei Mädels von „Post aus meiner Küche“ riefen diesmal auf, seinen Tauschpartner mit „Kindheitserinnerungen“ zu beglücken. Bobby Flitter fischte für mich Natalie vom Blog „Holunderweg18“ aus dem Hut und so machte sich vorgestern das Päckchen mit meinen Erinnerungen auf den Weg zu ihr. Eigentlich kommen mir bei dem Thema lauter Gerichte und Leckereien in […]

Mary’s Almond Tart

Jewels: My friend Annie has a mom named Mary. Mary knows how to bake an almond tart like no one else. The recipe is so simple, yet so good. It tastes like soft marzipan on the inside and like crunchy cookies on the outside. Mary was so nice to reveal the recipe to us, I […]

A Summerfeeling in Winter

Liz: Draußen sind es immer noch Minusgrade und immer wieder ist Schnee angekündigt. Da sehnten Jewels und ich uns nach etwas Sommerfeeling und haben uns zumindest fruchttechnisch den Sommer in die Küche geholt mit reifen, leckeren Pfirsichen! Da wir beide aus Münster kommen, wo Pumpernickel ganz groß ist, haben wir den sommerlichen Nachtisch mit geröstetem […]

Delicious Meringue Berries

Heute sind wir zu Gast bei der wunderbaren Jeanny vom Blog Zuckerzimtundliebe, während sie im schönen Südafrika auf Safari ist: Liz: Als Jeanny uns fragte, ob wir, während sie in Südafrika weilt, an ihrer Stelle über Süßes schreiben wollen, haben wir natürlich sehr gern zugesagt! Sowohl in Münster als auch in Brooklyn haben wir uns […]

Why Americans love Germans…

Jewels: It is not only the beer they love us for. They also love our Brezeln, or Pretzels as they like to say. So Liz and I wanted to share this very delicious recipe with you. I must admit that I was a little cukoo when I was mixing the ingredients together. I grabbed the […]

The Chestnut Hunt

Jewels: I supposedly live in this city of infinite possibilities. Where you can get anything at all times. Chestnuts, however, don’t seem to be on that list. Or at least they apparently require a special code word at the supermarket. After going to two supermarkets and having asked about 6 store employees I was ready […]

Sweet Potato Challenge

Liz: I have to admit I was not very enthusiastic when Jewels suggestetd the recipe! The first thing I told Jewels was that I didn’t even know if I could get sweet potatoes in Germany. Of course they are available here, even our local supermarket has them. Because the thought of making them didn’t set […]

Sweet Braided Bread

Or as us Germans call it: Hefezopf („Yeast Ponytail“). In the US it is mostly known as Challah Bread. Germans like to eat this sweet fluffy bread especially around Easter Time. With some butter and a hot chocolate it is so good. Liz told me how delicious hers was and how her family ate it […]

Challenge: Emperor’s Nonsense

Liz is spending Christmas in Bavaria and apparently got overpowered by their southern traditions. For this week’s challenge she wanted to make Kaiserschmarrn. It is a puffy, caramelized pancake made from a sweet batter. Supposedly the dish was first prepared for the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I in the 19th century. His wife Elisabeth of Bavaria was obsessed with maintaining a […]

Baumkuchen Liz & Jewels

Christmas Challenge: Baumkuchen

Just three more days till Christmas, and this time we really challenged each other! We knew we wanted to participate in Simone’s photo challenge „Christmas Cakes“. We were very ambitious and decided to make „Baumkuchen“, a typical German Christmas cake made of horizontal layers and then covered with icing or chocolate. An original „Baumkuchen“ (literally, “tree cake”, because of its tree-trunk-like shape) is made […]

Challenge: Glühweinkekse

Liz: A few weeks ago we were asked by the wonderful sisters Thea & Toni Neubauer if we would consider contributing to „Sister Magazine„, a beautiful online magazine! And of course we were thrilled and excited! Two days ago, the Christmas edition of „Sister Magazine“ was published and the article about us is entitled, „A […]

Challenge: Magic Chocolate Mousse

I remember how Sylvia, Jewels and I were preparing for our New York workshop earlier this year and we were thinking of making chocolate mousse for desert. So we exchanged recipes via mail and Sylvia came across this absolute amazing sounding recipe on CafeFernando for a chocolate mousse. The crazy thing is, that itt is […]

Challenge: Mulled Pear Wine

Jewels: The outside is getting colder so the drinks are getting warmer – and faster. I really like mulled wine and hot apple cider. This Mulled Pear Wine is a beautiful version of both. My little vegetable store didn’t have pears today, so I replaced them with apples, which tasted very good as well! Liz: […]

Salted Caramel Pie

Jewels: My husbands loves me extra much when I bake this pie. It is the sweet that meets the salty in this creamy layer on a crunchy bottom. WOW. So good… I told Liz about this pie and she wasn’t thrilled about the unhealthy sounding recipe and unfortunately her tongue agreed. She did not like […]

Mushroom Risotto

Getting in the mood for autumn

I can’t believe it’s November already! And today was such a grey and rainy day that Jewels and I decided to cook something that tastes like autumn: Mushroom Risotto. Obviously we both had the idea of styling the dish a bit gloomy and dark. We were surprised since we never talk about our styling-ideas before […]

Zucchini Dumplings

We have never mentioned it, but I am a vegetarian. Maybe you have noticed by now that none of our recipes contain animals. Liz has been patiently putting up with that and continues suggesting vegetarian dishes. Which makes me very happy! This week we cooked something that neither of us even knew existed. I honestly […]

Challenge no 14: Pink Soup

Isn’t pink soup just gorgeous? I love that flashy color. It is made with red beets, which are so healthy in many different ways. The soup is very easy to make and doesn’t need a very specific recipe. Here is how I make it: I peel and dice one large red beet, one carrot, one […]

Challenge no 12: Makrönchen

Oh yes, we are feeling christmassy a little early this year. Although these little Makrönchen are so delicious I could eat them all year! Also, it only takes about 7 seconds to make them. All you need to do is mix 100g of almond flour with 75g of powder sugar. Then add one egg white and 1tsp of almond extract (alternatively you could […]

All White Theme – Challenge no 11

Liz and I decided that we want to participate in the All White Theme of the JungleFrog Cooking blog by our friend Simone. We decided to both bake a German Sandkuchen. Turns out the cake is not much more exciting than the name and definitely needs a good side dish like a plum compote for example. […]

Tomato Tarte – Challenge no 10

This time we wanted to cook something colorful and since my greenhouse is filled with ripe delicious tomatoes I suggested the tomato tarte. We had 40 guests over for a garden party on saturday and I thought tartes would be good party-food so I made five of them – two with tomatoes and the other […]

Beeren Auflauf

Very Berry – Challenge No 2

Scroll down for the english version! Ja, hier kommt tatsächlich schon die zweite Herausforderung! Nach Veröffentlichung unseres Blogs haben wir so viele unglaubliche Kommentare und tolles Feedback bekommen, dass sowohl Jewels als auch ich ganz aufgeregt waren, die zweite Challenge anzugehen. 1.000 Dank auch an Holly Becker, die in ihrem wunderschönen Blog „decor8“ über uns […]

Green Salsa

Every week I receive a „green box“ with herbs, vegetables, cheese, bread and eggs. Everything comes from local organic farms. I love how sometimes there are items in there that I have never heard of. This week’s surprise: Ground cherries. A ground cherry actually doesn’t look like a cherry at all, more like a baby […]