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And the winner is….

Liz:I am speechless. And happy. And overwhelmed. Tonight the winners of the „Pink Lady Food Photography Award“ got announced and my little film „Cranberry & Chocolate Scones“ won in the category ’non-documentary‘! I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony in London, but thanks to modern technology I watched all of it over an app, which […]

Happy New Marshmallows

and a Happy New Year of course! This post I’m writing from the hospital. Two nights ago I woke up with really bad belly cramps and went to the emergency room. Turns out my appendix had ruptured and needed to be removed immediately. So scary! I didn’t expect to not leave the hospital for days […]

My Grandmother’s Red Currant Cake

It’s time for moving pictures! As most of you know Jewels and I are contributors to Holly Becker’s blog decor8 with a series called „Food in Motion„. Today I’m happy to share my grandmother’s Red Currant Cake recipe with you today. It’s been in the family for years now and most family members know this […]

Hello Smoothie

Are you guys brave foodies? Me, not so much. But sometimes I have my moments. Here in New York, I see people on the streets all the time with smoothies in unexpected colors – mostly green.  So they must be putting things in there that go beyond berries and bananas. Word on the healthy street […]

Strawberry-Layered Chocolate Cookies

I’ve been longing for strawberry season, and am SO happy it’s now on! I decided to combine this Food in Motion episode with my strawberry love. My picky 4-year-old daughter happens to love them too, so we share a passion for the little sweet & red fruit. We started planting our own strawberry plants a […]

Spring is in the air

Last week nature exploded and brought a flurry of yellow flowers. All this spring air made me feel active and I decided to combine this Food in Motion episode with a recipe from my latest book and an easy pre-Easter DIY packaging idea. My daughter helped (as always!) and was eager to glue the yellow dots […]

Ice Ice Baby

Don’t have enough of the cold yet? Well I do. York City is so cold today! The streets are icy and we have to watch our every step. I am really looking forward to warmer days. I like hot summers, cold drinks, small clothes, large straw hats, secretly turning the AC off in our living room […]

I’m dreaming of a white…

… salad. Just like the ones I used to know. – Actually I have never known this kind of salad. But let’s start at the beginning: As you guys know by now every month Liz and I have a series on Holly’s decor8 blog called Food in Motion. We introduce a recipe that we love and […]

Hello Autumn!

Jewels and I both contribute to „Food in Motion“ once a month on Holly Becker’s blog decor8. Last month I made a crumble from freshly picked apples from the trees in my garden: These last days have been perfect in our part of Germany! I love waking up to clear skies and crispy cold air. […]

Food in Motion: Blue and White Dessert

Hello everyone, ready to see what I’ve filmed for you this month? As you know every month Liz and I make a video for decor8. This one I shot while my sister, who was visiting from Germany, watched my newborn daughter. It was a lot of fun! The baby in one hand and the spoon […]

Watermelon Gazpacho

This month I wanted to make a hot summer recipe for our “Food in Motion” episode over at decor8.  Summer has finally arrived in New York City and that has had a serious influence on my cooking. I like fresh and healthy things even more when it is hot out. For example, I eat a lot […]

Little Hands

Our monthly contribution to the „Food in Motion“ episode over at decor8 is all about berries: This time I had my daughter help me in the kitchen…. Berries taste wonderful on their own, but don’t they taste even better when there is cake around them??? Oh yes! Right now I’m working on my fourth cookbook […]

Gluten Free Bread… So good!

I have never been too successful with baking bread in the past. Last time, I confused yeast with baking powder and wondered why the bread didn’t rise. But even when I do follow the recipe step by step, it doesn’t taste as good as what I can buy at a German bakery. Here in New […]

S’more Eclairs

Eclairs are known in both of „our“ continents. But I think that in Germany most people don’t know what a „S’more“ is. For the German readers: S’more is the short version for „some more“. Imagine you are child with a full mouth of something sweet and then raise your eyebrows and beg for „some more!“. […]

Food in Motion

When Holly Becker from decor8 asked us to contributte to her blog we were super-happy! We met Holly last summer during our Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Weimar. She held such an inspiring and motivation speech that both Jewels and I were blown away. Our heads spun with ideas and it was then that […]