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Challenge: Emperor’s Nonsense

Liz is spending Christmas in Bavaria and apparently got overpowered by their southern traditions. For this week’s challenge she wanted to make Kaiserschmarrn. It is a puffy, caramelized pancake made from a sweet batter. Supposedly the dish was first prepared for the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I in the 19th century. His wife Elisabeth of Bavaria was obsessed with maintaining a small waistline though. Of course she found this heavy pancake dish too rich and called it „Schmarrn“ (nonsense). I call it delicious.

– Jewels 

So here is the recipe:

35g butter (1.4 ounces)

4 eggs

250g flour (2 cups)

1/2 liter of milk (2 cups)

1 handfull of raisins

1 hint of salt

some powdered sugar

30g sugar (2 table spoons)

Mix flour, sugar, salt, milk and egg yolk into a batter. Beat the egg whites until stiff and add to batter. Heat up the butter in a pan and pour the batter in. Sprinkle the raisins over the batter after a couple of minutes. Bake on low heat, turn and pull the dough into small pieces. Bake until golden. Sprinkle the powdered sugar over and optionally serve with fruit.
Kaiserschmarren4 Eier
250 g Mehl
2 El Zucker
1/2 l Milch
1 Prise Salz
Rosinen (wenn gewünscht)
35 g Butter
Die Eier trennen und die Eigelbe mit dem Mehl, Zucker, Salz und der Milch verrühren. Das Eiweiß steif schlagen und unter den Teig heben. Wenn gewünscht die Rosinen dazugeben und verrühren. In einer Pfanne die Butter schmelzen und den Teig hineingießen. Bei mittlerer Hitze anbacken und wenden. In Stücke reißen und weiterbacken bis der Kaiserschmarren goldgelb ist. Auf Tellern anrichten und mit Puderzucker bestreuen.

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    • Ana, you should really try Kaiserschamrrn. It’s very easy and tastes SO good!

  1. Hahaha, so funny you translated this! My boyfriend is English and when I took him skiing to Austria this winter I obviously made him try all the Mehlspeisen goodness of the Alps. I translated the name of this dish to a similar but slightly less classy „The Emeperor’s Bullshit“ (which was not exactly appreciated by the waiter :-))

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