All, The Challenges

Challenge no 14: Pink Soup

Isn’t pink soup just gorgeous? I love that flashy color. It is made with red beets, which are so healthy in many different ways.

The soup is very easy to make and doesn’t need a very specific recipe. Here is how I make it:

I peel and dice one large red beet, one carrot, one potato, one onion, a couple of tomatoes, leeks and garlic. You can also add other root vegetables like parsley root, celery root or sunchokes. Put everything in a large pot with some olive oil and fry it for about 10mins while stirring frequently. Deglaze with some red wine, broth and cream. Let simmer for a few more minutes before blending it into a creamy soup. Add salt, pepper and herbs according to your taste.

I really like this soup a lot. Liz liked how easy it was to make. She just used a few more carrots and replaced the red wine with a little more broth, that’s why her soup is a little bit more orange. Liz obviously is is not a fan of the earthy taste of the beet. My husband feels the same way and whenever I cook my pink soup, he has to find something else to eat. But that doesn’t keep my from cooking it ALL THE TIME. 🙂

Pinke Suppe:
Für die Pinke Suppe nimmt man eine große Rote Beete, schält und viertelt sie. Dazu kommt eine Karotte, eine Kartoffel, eine Zwiebel, ein paar Tomaten, Lauch und Knoblauch. Man kann auch andere Wurzelgemüse hinzufügen – ganz nach Geschmack. Alles in einen großen Topf geben mit etwas Öl, 10 Min anbraten und umrühren nicht vergessen. Mit Rotwein und etwas Brühe ablöschen. Einige Minuten köcheln lassen, pürieren und etwas Sahne hinzufügen. Salz, Pfeffer und Kräuter hinzufügen. 

– Jewels