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Challenge no 3: Spicy Watermelon Salad

This week has been so hot in New York. Which makes it the perfect weather for a watermelon salad. The weather in Münster didn’t really call for a watermelon salad because it was a cold and rainy week. But a challenge is a challenge!


The recipe is very easy:


Feta cheese


Cilantro or any other herb you like

Salt, pepper, chili powder

a splash of lemon juice


Mix it all in a bowl. Done. So easy, but so powerful in taste! I made a big bowl and it was eaten in no time. Over in Münster Lisa had some difficulties finding all the ingredients. But she said that it was so delicious that it was worth the hassle.

Style wise I wanted to do something very pure and clean this week. Lisa decided do something cute. Her idea would be great for one of those „flying dinners“ where the waiter walks around with a tray of tiny, little edibles.

Overall this recipe is incredibly easy to make and has very affordable ingredients, but taste like 100 dollars (82,41 Euros). And anything with such a shiny red color is so effortless to style and photograph! Can’t wait for our next challenge where green is the new red.



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  1. Visually, would it have been more appealing to cut them in round shapes? And, any alternatives you’d suggest for feta cheese as getting it would be tough here?

    • I personally don’t like the round shapes because it just seems too „styled“. Where are you from? No feta cheese? You are missing out! Do you have goat cheese?

  2. True about the styling part, Jewels. I live in Bangalore, India. It’s not that I wouldn’t get feta cheese if I tried hard, it’s just way expensive. Goat cheese sounds like a good option.

  3. Jana sagt

    I just love watermelon salad, perfect for a hot summer’s day! I use mint and shallots instead of the cilantro and jalapenos, though. Less spicy, but very refreshing because of the mint.

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