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Childhood Memories

Post aus meiner Küche  goes USA! I think I was the first participan of „gifts from my kitchen“ that lives in the US! Luckily they were able to find me a kitchen partner! Her name is Peggy and she lives in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Post aus meiner Küche is a great way to connect with a stranger through food. I had to send a little homemade treat from my kitchen to Peggy and Peggy will send a little treat to me. The theme for this months „gifts from my kitchen“ is childhood memories. What did I really make in the kitchen when I was a child? Mostly a mess I would say. But when I was a teenager I used to make „choco crossies“ to bring to parties. They are so easy to make, yet super delicious. And since they are easy to send away in a small package, I decided to make these for this months „Post aus meiner Küche“. Liz and I later realized that without talking to one another, we both ended up making the same thing for Post aus meiner Küche! Sometimes two brains can work so similar without even being on the same continent… 🙂

IMG_3828 small

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