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Christmas Challenge: Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen Liz & Jewels

Just three more days till Christmas, and this time we really challenged each other! We knew we wanted to participate in Simone’s photo challenge „Christmas Cakes“. We were very ambitious and decided to make „Baumkuchen“, a typical German Christmas cake made of horizontal layers and then covered with icing or chocolateAn original „Baumkuchen“ (literally, “tree cake”, because of its tree-trunk-like shape) is made on a skewer and baked by turning it over an open fire. After one layer has been baked, the skewer gets dipped into the batter again and turned on the spit again.
Since neither Jewels nor I cook over an open fire (now that might be a real challenge! How about it, Jewels?) we went for a recipe we found here, using our normal ovens. It still took a very, very long time to do, and unfortunately neither of us were too thrilled about the taste. But it clearly was a demanding challenge this time and we both were very excited when we finally saw the pictures! Isn’t it interesting how different the two cakes look again, although we both followed the same recipe?

Honestly, here’s a little advice for a relaxed Christmas: if you have a craving for „Baumkuchen,“ go out and buy it! That’s a lot easier and probably also tastes better!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

– Liz

PS: If anybody has a better recipe or a different experience baking a „Baumkuchen,“ please let us know!