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Eggplant in disguise

Husband: „What’s for dinner tonight?“

Me: „Soup“

Husband: „What kind?“

Me: „Ööh – vegetable.“

Husband: „Ok.“

I can not tell my husband when something has eggplant in it because then he will assume he won’t like it. So eggplant has to be the secret ingredient. When I then add a little extra pepper and garlic, no one ever knows. The recipe doesn’t call for potatoes, but I added a large one anyway – to better disguise my secret.
Liz told me she called the soup the „ugly duckling soup“, because it is really no beauty but it tasted pretty good. Another good thing is that you don’t have to use tons of oil to fry the eggplant (as I usually do), but instead it gets roasted in the oven with zero oil.

We thought this is a pretty good recipe, so why not try the Ugly Duckling Soup yourself?

Here is this very simple recipe, inspired by a recipe from Jamie Oliver, but slightly modified.

2 eggplants
1 potato (optional)
2 garlic cloves
1 white onion
1,5 cups of veggie broth (Liz used lamb broth)
salt and pepper
For decoration: thyme and ricotta cheese

Bake the eggplants and the potato (if used) for 1 – 1,5 hours. Let cool down, then peele. Dice the garlic and the onion and fry it with some butter for a few minutes. Add the veggies and the broth and puree everything for a couple of minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Extra much pepper for eggplant dislikers.

– Jewels