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Feuilleté or as normal people call it: Fillo Dough

This dish made me realize that fillo dough and the German Blätterteig are really two different things. I think that made me have a little cooking-malfunction in the kitchen because I thought that I can just unroll the fillo dough and use it. But hells no! As I later (after I was done) read in the instructions, you are actually only supposed to use a few of the sheets. Germans will now not understand what I am even talking about because the German Blätterteig looks like any other dough and the sheets are only coming to light as you bake the dough. So you actually roll the German Blätterteig out like cookie dough. Anyway, I am sure at this point everybody is completely confused. But how did it all work out for Liz?

I think there was a little bit of a confusion going on in Jewels‘ kitchen over in Brooklyn! Because for my understanding the German „Blätterteig“ can be found as „Puffed Pastry Sheets“ and not „Fillo Dough“! I used rolled up „Blätterteig“, spread the cream cheese on it, pealed and cut up the pears and put it in the hot oven for about 10-12 minutes! It turned out fine, tasted delicious and was eaten up in no time! So I would really recommend using puffed pastry sheets, because this then is a super-easy recipe that you can put together in no time!

Feuilleté with pears and goat cheese

1 pear

1 roll of fillo dough (or a pack of rolled Blätterteig for you Germans out there)

some goat cheese (I used goat camembert which I LOVE)

some thyme



So it depends on what kind of dough you are working with, but either way you have to find a way to make the dough to be flat and covering the entire baking sheet. Slice the pear and spread it over the dough. Do the same with the cheese and finish off by sprinkling some thyme and salt over the whole thing. Bake the feuilleté for 15 to 30mins until golden brown. Before serving pour some honey over.



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