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Food Styling and Photography Workshop NYC

Yesterday, on a beautiful Sunday, we had our 2nd Food Styling and Photography Workshop in NYC. Unfortunately the trip was a little too far for Liz, so she wasn’t able to be there. Instead I was teaching along with the food and prop stylist Sylvia who was an instructor at our last NYC workshop as well.


We were very excited to find out who our 8 participants were! Most of them were from New York and Brooklyn, a few traveled a little further and one was in town all the way from Italy!


We started the day with a small breakfast where everybody was able to introduce themselves. I was a little relieved when I realized that none of them were professional photographers. That makes the technical teaching aspect a little easier because you don’t end up boring half of the group while overwhelming the other half! 🙂


First I did my photography tutorial, explaining the technical basics of food photography. I also touched on trends in food blogging because some of the participants are aspiring bloggers and it is always good to know what’s out there…


Then Sylvia talked about food and prop styling. She has a ginormous prop storage in her kitchen. She gave tips on how to start collecting, where to find good and affordable props in NYC and how to combine them wisely.


For lunch Sylvia and I made tomato soup that we paired with truffled grilled cheese sandwiches and salad. Fortunately we made enough because the afternoon assignment was to create a beautiful photo of the soup!


Our participants came up with some great ideas, some even used the grilled cheese leftovers for their picture. After everybody was done shooting, I gave them a little lightroom tutorial and showed them the basic enhancements that I apply to my food shots. We were also able to look at everybody’s results and give each other feedback. We ended the day with a delicious berry-gin-cocktail that Sylvia made for everyone.


I feel like the day was a big succes and I am happy with the outcome. If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, please send me an email to and I will keep you updated!

Please also read on Lalit’s blog about the workshop!

Here are some great shots our students took:

Nina Elder:

Nina pair

Leslie Kobrin:

Lesie pair

Amy Fitzgibbons:


Lauren Golembeski:


Lalit Sittajarnpong:


Daniela Pavan:


Utchima Sriprachya-Anunt:


Amorette Yang:


– jewels