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Food Styling and Photography Workshop NYC

Finally! Yesterday was the culmination of all of our planning and anticipation: The Food Styling and Photography Workshop in a beautiful kitchen loft in Chelsea, New York.

We were looking forward to getting to know our participants: aspiring bloggers, photographers, bakers and the ones that just wanted to learn something new.

We started the day with a small breakfast and a round of introductions, so we could learn the background and goals of everyone. Then Jewels did a presentation about food photography, talked about camera settings and light and how to troubleshoot problems quickly and easily when shooting food in your bedroom/apartment?

After that, Sylvia, a food and prop stylist, gave us some insight on her job, where she finds the right props, how she puts them together in a shot and how she works with photographers to achieve a good composition. After the lunch break we let the participants work on their own. We let them be the food and prop stylists and photographers and were eager to see what they came up with. The loft was a great location for that because it has beautiful light, furniture and endless amounts of props wherever you look. Janice and Zenzi ended up shooting the berry tart they created on an old rusty chair. And the result were amazing!

The beautiful results gave everyone great motivation to take their new skills to another level. And to get everyone inspired about where those skills could go, Liz spoke about our cook books and the blog and showed the participants how sometimes big things can come out of small ideas.

We finished the day off with a blackberry gin cocktail.  That lightened up the mood so well that we are thinking about scheduling that part to the morning next time. We’ll see… 🙂

Big THANK YOU again to our sponsors: Roland Food, Anna Joyce Design, Garnish, AnnabelGray, Feines Zeug and Lizzawest.

To watch a little movie about the workshop, click here.

– Jewels