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Food Styling & Photography Workshop III in Münster

We are still floating on air from the workshop we hosted on Saturday in Münster, Germany! Finally the day had arrived – after planning for weeks, talking to sponsors, packing the beautiful goodiebags and organizing props, we were looking forward to meeting our 12 talented participants in person! And what a fantastic bunch came pouring in!!

We started with a tasty meet & greet breakfast prepared by the great Café Birkenwald team. For the round of instructions, everyone prepared a little homework, presenting us a photo of their favorite food. Then Jewels presented the basics of „Food Photography,“ followed by Liz who talked about „Food Styling.“ We’re very happy that we were able to have food stylist Carina Seppelt as a special guest – she gave us a little professional insight into her work.

After lunch, the hands-on part began! The topic for the assignment was „Kaffeeklatsch.“ The 12 participants were divided into groups of two and started choosing props, backgrounds and settings. Beautiful tarts and cupcakes were served by the Birkenwald and they were SO delicious! It was cosy and a little tight but we all managed the space well and there was a joyful and energetic atmosphere with so many talented people. The results were amazing when all 12  presented their pictures in the afternoon. We gave our feedback, but also let the group fill in their ideas and critique. It was a beautiful and inspiring day and we would like to thank all participants for letting us be your host!

After this fantastic day we’re very much looking forward to our next workshop, which we will be hosting on April 27-28, 2013, in Münster! Save the date, everyone!

Special thanks to the Café Birkenwald for having us and their tasty food!

Many thanks to all our sponsors, who made the Goodiebags so interesting, sweet, decorative, and yummy. And, last but not least, special thanks to Anne, who was such a great help!!!

Sara wrote a very sweet roundup about the day on her blog Love Nonpareille. You can check it out here. Thank you, Sara!

Susann also wrote a beautiful post on her blog about our workshop. Check it out here!

Melanie and Sönke posted a very sweet summary on their blog here.

Our participants:
Ville Lammi
Susann Caplan – pure-shots
Sönke Brummerloh – Vollwert-Blog
Stefanie Gärtner
Sara Heinen – Love Nonpareille
Sonja H. – shace 
Joana Gröblinghoff – Lichtpoesie
Janina Kraus – kleinstyle Blog
Anna Haas – Anna Haas Fotografie
Astrid Pawlowitzki – Kunstfieber
Melanie Brummerloh – Vollwert-Blog
Al Almaskery – Almaskery Photo
Our Sponsors:
Maid und Held
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Garn & Mehr

Die Schönhaberei
Casa di Falcone
Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer
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