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When I hear the word tastemaker I immediately think of a chef. Because isn’t the chef the one that creates the taste we have in our mouths? But I just learned that a tastemaker can also be someone that suggests what is „good taste“. Of course we all think that we have good taste. But since Jewels and I REALLY have good taste :-), we decided to open an online shop with Have you guys heard of that? They gave us the opportunity to handpick beautiful products (made by „makers“) and put them together in our own little boutique. is a marketplace where tastemakers team up with makers. Jewels and I found out that we even favor the same products (most of the time). We put together a selection of pretty things for the category EAT WITH ME here: the elephant pillow (made by Jewels‘ sister!!) the fun kitchen print in bright pink, little wooden bowls, dipped in color, a funky cup with a great black & white pattern, handmade ceramic hearts to be used as nametags and cool napkins with stamped numbers on them.






We have a lot more goodies in our boutique and also different categories, so check out what beautiful products we found for you here.

Photos by:

JULIA CAWLEY (elephant pillow)
ANYA MOREVA (kitchen print)
HEATHER LINS (napkins)

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  1. Thank you so much Liz and Jewels for featuring me in your shop and in this post! Super excited to be a part of this wonderful community of Tastemakers and Makers.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my Numbered Edition napkins. I’m in good company…those are some great products!

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