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Gluten Free Bread… So good!

I have never been too successful with baking bread in the past. Last time, I confused yeast with baking powder and wondered why the bread didn’t rise. But even when I do follow the recipe step by step, it doesn’t taste as good as what I can buy at a German bakery.

Here in New York, good bread is a little harder to come by but I found a couple of places that sell very good bread. Most of it is white though, like a German Hausbrot. What is impossible to find is a grainy, hearty, dark, and healthy bread. I am not vegan, nor do I need to eat gluten free, but I am a big fan of eating healthily.

I was very happy when I found this recipe for a gluten free healthy on Sarah’s blog „My New Roots“. This bread is high in protein, super high in fiber and is full of delicious nuts, oats, and seeds. I believe that this bread is the healthiest kind of bread you can put in your belly. Over here in New York, people think that eating bread is a very unhealthy thing to do, and this is probably true for the soft, light, and fluffy breads you can buy at a super market.

The difference about this bread is that it contains Psyllium Seed Husks. They also hold the bread together since the recipe doesn’t contain any flour or eggs. Psyllium Seed Husks are a great source of fiber; they reduce your cholesterol levels, aid digestion, and help with weight loss.

The other cool thing about this bread is that there is no kneading, waiting, more kneading, or anything like that involved. You just put all ingredients in the baking pan, then wait if you want to, for however long you want to, or not at all, then bake it and it’s done!

I made a little video of how I made the bread, which has also been featured on Holly Becker’s decor8 blog. Thank you Holly for having us again!

Music of the video by Tallahassee.


2/3 cups of almonds (or any other kind of nut)

1/2 cup of flax seeds

1 cup of sunflower seeds

4 table spoons of psyllium seed husks (this bread can’t do without, so you can’t substitute it with anything else!)

2 table spoons of chia seeds

1,5 cups of rolled oats

1,5 tea spoons of salt

3 table spoons of maple sirup (or honey)

3 table spoons of ghee (or coconut oil)

1,5 cups of water

In a baking pan combine all dry ingredients and stir well. Mix the sirup with the ghee and add it to the pan. Lastly, add the water and mix everything with your hands until all dry ingredients are soaked. Smooth out the top and let it sit until it becomes very hard (two hours, a day or overnight). Bake the bread for 20mins at 350° F (175° C). Remove the loaf from the pan, turn it upside down and bake it for another 30mins. Let it cool down completely before slicing it!

– Jewels