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Green Butter

Some things are so easy to make, yet I hardly ever make them. Butter with herbs in them is one of them. I love a good slice of German bread with simple butter on it. But when you add some herbs and a bit of salt it even gets better! The other day I bought truffled butter and of course I spent a fortune on this tiny little jar. Way cheaper and almost equally delicious is good butter with some fresh herbs in it. For the chefs out there that want a bit more of a challenge: Make the butter yourself! Just whip some cream far beyond the point of when you would put it on top of your cake and you end up with butter. Add some coarse salt and you can impress your guests for reals. For our herbal butter Liz used „Bärlauch“, which is a wild garlic. Bärlauch is either out of season over here in New York („What? We have seasons??“) or it is harder to get than I thought. I replaced it with fresh oregano. Of course that gives it a completely different taste than what Liz is now putting on her bread over in Germany, but it is actually really delicious. It tastes like Italy… And I LOVE Italy. So for everyone who needs a recipe for something this easy to make, here we go: Green butter herbs (wild garlic, oregano, basil, chives, whatever you like!) coarse salt Mince the herbs into very small pieces (or use a blender). Bring the butter to room temperature and mix with the herbs and the salt. Get a good loaf of German bread and spread the butter on there. Nothing else needed for a tasty dinner… – Jewels

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