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Have you heard of Farinata??

Have you? Because I hadn’t heard of Farinata until recently when I saw it on a menu at a restaurant. I ordered it not knowing what it is. The word sounded like the italian word for „flour“ so I thought „can’t go wrong with anything that sounds like italian flour“. What I know now is that there isn’t actually any regular flour in there. It is a completely gluten free savory flatbread made of chickpea flour. Apparently it is from italy but I’ve never met it there. Anyway, I love it. It only has a handful of ingredients and it takes only a few minutes to make.

I didn’t find any chickpea flour at my local store, so I made it myself by finely grinding dried chickpeas myself. It is a small extra step but makes no difference in taste later. For the oil make sure you use an oil that doesn’t burn in high temperatures. I used coconut oil, but sunflower oil or canola oil would work too. Olive oil is not recommended because it would burn and add a bitter taste to the farinata.

For the topping Liz and I chose a simple fresh tomato, feta cheese, basil topping, but you can really put anything on there!

We found the recipe here.

(The plate Liz used is by 3punktF.)