Food, Food in Motion

Hello Smoothie

Are you guys brave foodies? Me, not so much. But sometimes I have my moments.

Here in New York, I see people on the streets all the time with smoothies in unexpected colors – mostly green.  So they must be putting things in there that go beyond berries and bananas. Word on the healthy street is that it’s kale and spinach. I did not grow up putting vegetable in my smoothie, but I am willing to give it a try!

So for this culinary experiment I am mixing red cabbage, cucumber, pear, pear juice, mint, and for optional seasoning I am adding lime. As I was making this I kept thinking, “This is not going to be good. Colorful. Photogenic. But not good. Why am I doing this?” So I had a childish gross-face on when I finally tried it. But luckily my narrow minded taste buds were happily surprised that this smoothie actually tastes AMAZING. I promise you: it tastes sweet, refreshing, minty – basically everything you expect from a smoothie!














This time I was having a little fun making the video by trying out stop motion for the very first time! Yay! Another first!! I was so glad I wasn’t by myself that day. My new assistant Franzi just started working for me and she was such great help! It is so nice to not have to work alone anymore. She is joining me on shoots and also working at the office with me. Thank you Franzi!!

And for those who still need a recipe after watching the video, here we go:

A large handful of chopped up red cabbage

⅓ of a cucumber, sliced

½ a pear, sliced

1 cup of pear juice

a few mint leaves

lime for decoration

ice cubes
Throw everything in the mixer. Add some ice cubes. Be creative with the decoration. Enjoy!

– Jewels