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In love with a diva!

My conclusion of the day: Size doesn’t matter! That’s for sure when stepping into the tiny café right in the heart of Münster. It’s called „Milchmädel“ („Milkgal„) and has exactly 4 chairs inside and 2 outside! Not a lot, but that really is irrelevant, because whatever you get at „Milchmädel“ is really delicious even if you have to eat or drink it standing up!
The owners Alexia Jägers and Ralf Kleimann both grew up in pastry shops. So when the previous tenant left the location in 2011 they grabbed the opportunity and opened their café. The concept: using good products, most of them organic & fair-trade, and making everything by hand with lots of love.

And I definitely fell in love this morning. Alexia made me a hot chocolate called „Schoko Diva,“ which was the best thing I’ve tasted lately. Caramel and salt are added to tasty hot chocolate: what an explosion of flavors! This definitely made my day! Thank you, Alexia and Ralf!

Milchmädel“ is located in the Domgassenpassage, right in the heart of Münster.

 – Liz

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  1. It looks great, I surely have to visit. I never go through this small passage so it’s good to know there’s something worth to visit in there! 🙂

  2. That looks like a really nice place to visit. Come to think of it I should probably visit Munster in general one day!

    • yes, come visit! It’s a beautiful city! Looking forward to meeting you here!

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