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Jewel’s favorite cook books

I like cooking with just what I have in the fridge and what my feeling tells me to do. But sometimes it is nice to actually prepare: Find a good sounding recipe, buy the right ingredients and take my time to make something delicious.

My four favorite cook books currently are:


The Joy of Cooking:

My parents in law gave me this book. It is kind of the basic must have cook book. It has pretty much every recipe I could ever think of in it (which makes it very heavy!). It is over 1000 pages of recipe. No wonder they couldn’t fit photos in there!


The New Brooklyn Cookbook:

As a girl that lives in Brooklyn I really like this one. The concept is a little different from the usual cookbook. It has recipes and stories from 31 restaurants all over Brooklyn. My favorite pizza place Roberta’s which is around the corner of where I live has a spot in the book as well. Every restaurant gets to feature a couple of their signature dishes and the reader can try to follow the recipe and make the dish at home – and probably realize that for some dishes you do need a professional chef to make it…


What Katie Ate:

This book I bought more the for the beautiful photography than for the recipes. It has a very moody and dark look, gorgeous props and a very personal looking design. Also the paper has a wonderful matt feeling to it… This book just makes me feel like Katie is my grandmother and I inherited her old original cookbook.


wild kochen:

Could be translated to „wild cooking“, which doesn’t refer to the attitude while cooking, but to the ingredients which for this book come from the wild: nuts, berries, herbs, flowers… The book gives advice on where to find the ingredients and how to know what is safe to eat. It’s basically all about back to nature! This book is also absolutely beautifully designed and contains very gorgeous food photos. What I might try in the future: Schnaps made of daisies. 🙂

– Jewels