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Mix it up

Jewels: I always knew that my daughter Clementine’s babysitter Meredith was special. She is amazing with Clem and Clem loves her. What I didn’t know is that Meredith is basically famous!

When I recently scrolled through the Saveur nominees for best blogs I saw Meredith’s name and realized: What the heck! My babysitter is a mixologist (term for putting booze in a glass and calling it a cocktail)! Meredith has a gorgeous blog called Tuxedo N°2 and it’s all about mixed spirits. Her blog looks so unique, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. She and her boyfriend Chrissy write about the ingredients of each cocktail so beautifully and with depth. I’m impressed!

So impressed actually that I suggested to Liz we should do our first alcoholic challenge EVER. So I found myself mixing tequila and other colorful liquids together while my daughter was taking her lunch nap. The drink is called El Diablo and is absolutely delicious. Clementine is going to find me so funny when she wakes up.

How did you like the boozy challenge, Liz?


Liz: I didn’t realize this was our first boozy challenge — but what should I say? I really liked it! I mixed things in bottles I usually never have at home right after Sunday breakfast and I it turned out to be a fun morning! It’s only Wednesday now and I’ve already made the drink twice since Sunday, which is funny because I usually don’t drink. I didn’t even have the spirits at home that were required for the drink. Actually I even bought the wrong bottle! I got Dark Rum instead of Tequila and here in Germany I never heard of Ginger Beer so I used Ginger Ale instead. So my El Diablo is a bit different, but it tastes great!
Thank you Meredith & Chrissy for your great blog! I’ll comb through your page now more often and look for cocktails to mix, since I have two new bottles standing on my sideboard now and I’m sure they want to be used!

You can find the cocktail recipe here.