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nunu chocolates in Brooklyn

oh…. how I love salted caramel. I like Salted Caramel Pie (but you know that already), Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Salted Caramel everything. On the very top of this list are the Salted Caramel Chocolates from nunu in Brooklyn.

I visited their flagship store and little manufacturing kitchen last week and oh did it smell good in there. One of their little elves was making chocolate hearts, each heart by itself. Another elf was packing little boxes of chocolate, box by box.

For their chocolates they use cocoa beans from a family farm in Columbia. Everything is natural and handmade.

I like how they dare to mix the unmixable: Bacon Toffee Bar, Beer Ganaches or the Absinthe Delight Treat. I easily get tipsy, so I always focus on the Salted Caramels.

nunu chocolates was founded 3 years ago by Justine and Andy who had never made chocolates before and they just experimented until it was as good as it is today.


You can find nunu all over New York. Their flagship store is located at 529 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. You should go.

– Jewels