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ONE battle in TWO pots – the premiere!

Oh yes, we have a plan. So far one might think that we were just blogging away, but no. One is wrong.

Every week, Lisa and I will come together to challenge each other. Or actually I should say: We will NOT come together. We will both cook the same recipe, then style and photograph it. But far apart from each other… Lisa in Münster, me in New York.

Expected difficulties are: Will I find Marzipan in New York? Will the rainy weather in Münster cause Lisa’s soufflé to collapse? Will we interprete the recipe in the same way? And many more… When two people follow the same recipe, will they actually end up eating the same dish?

Whatever the outcome: We will share it with you. And we want you to participate by giving us ideas for recipes. Tell us what to cook or bake next!

Our first week started with a German recipe out of Lisa’s mom’s cook book called „Die Küchenfee“ by Clodagh McKenna. The dish is called Orangen-Reispudding mit Himbeerkonfitüre (Orange-Rice-Pudding with Raspberry Jam).

Here is what the book says about how to make it:

20g Butter

80g Rundkornreis

abgeriebene Schale und Saft von einer Orange

50g Zucker

50g Sultaninen

1TL frisch geriebene Muskatnuss

900ml Milch

Himbeerkonfitüre zum Servieren

Den Backofen auf 160°C (Umluft 140°C) vorheizen. Eine Auflaufform (1,2 L Inhalt) mit Butter ausstreichen. Den Reis mit Orangenschale, Zucker, Sultaninen und Muskat in einer Schüssel mischen. Die Mischung in die Auflaufform füllen. Milch und Orangensaft dazu gießen. Die Butter in Flöckchen teilen und auf die Oberfläche setzen. Den Reispudding im Ofen (Mitte) 1,5 Stunden backen. Dabei mehrmals umrühren. Mit Himbeerkonfitüre servieren.

That’s it. Sounds easy right? So we both do this 6000 Miles apart from one another. Well, we both don’t like the raisins, so we agreed to leave them out. And I cut the sugar back to 30g instead of 50g. After putting my dish in the oven, I realize that my milk is becoming this weird texture from the acid of the orange. Also after my rice cooked for 1.5 hours, it is pretty much just a mushy mash. No more chewing required. Then Lisa calls me telling me how WONDERFULLY her recipe worked! So delicious, the entire family was shoveling the entire portion (and she made twice the recipe) into their mouths with happy sighs at the end. All of this while I am looking at something that looks like sour milk on cottage cheese. How did that happen? Such a huge gap in the first week of this experiment already?? Neither of us have an explanation for what happened. On top this, Lisa ignored the part in the recipe that says „Dabei mehrmals umrühren.“ She just didn’t stir at all, so her pudding has a beautiful brown crust on the top. Sometimes accidentally not following a recipe creates even better results!

What will we cook next week? Stay tuned.

 – Jewels