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One on One Workshop in Brooklyn

Liz and I love teaching food photography. Since we are not together enough to frequently offer group workshops, we also offer one on one workshops. This month I had a super fun workshop with Alex and her fiancée Tim. Alex is a great illustrator and blogger. Before every workshop I try to find out some background about my future student. I learned that Alex has such a great drawing style that I hired her to draw my little family. It was the perfect christmas gift for my husband!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 14.38.25Alex‘ boyfriend is a managing consultant and you would think that someone with that background has no idea about photography and styling. But Tim had a surprisingly good eye and he also already knew a lot about photography.




I had a lot of fun teaching both of them in my Bushwick studio. After giving them an introduction into photography and styling basics I let them „freestyle“ with some berries, yoghurt and granola. I told them to create a pair of two photos that should work well together. I am really impressed with what they came up with!

Tim took a very graphic, almost scientific approach:Tim pair Alex created a beautiful pair with a breakfast themed set up:

Alex pair

If you are interested in taking a one on one workshop with Liz in Münster or Jewels in Brooklyn, email us:

– Jewels

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    • Auf wessen Kamera meinst Du denn? Das von der Workshopteilnehmerin? Das weiß ich nicht. Das mit dem ich die Fotos der Teilnehmer gemacht habe? Das ist ein 24-105mm Canon Objektiv.

  1. ich meine das gaaaanz oben rechts, über der Überschrift „One on One Workshop in Brooklyn“ an der Nikonkamera 🙂

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