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Our healthy triple challenge

In my little Jewels-kitchen, carrots are solely used to make lunch for my six month old Clementine – mashed and unseasoned. Inedible for me, but loved by her. So for me carrot cake sounds like someone is trying to trick me into eating something healthy! In this case that someone is actually Veronika from the blog Carrots for Claire. She was one of the participants of our last workshop in Münster. She told us about her two year old daughter Claire who was having difficulties eating and was also allergic to a lot of things. So Veronika changed their eating habits completely into a sugar free, healthy, but delicious menu.

We were curious to hear which recipe she was going to propose for our triple challenge! I have never had carrot cake even though it is actually a pretty common treat here in the US. I must admit that I actually really liked it. Especially the way we did it for this challenge: no sugar, no normal butter, no white flour. Yes, I confess: I did use one teaspoon of powdered sugar for the decoration. For visual reasons!! Veronika used cocoa butter for the frosting, but I couldn’t find that in my local grocery store. An unexpected add-on was the mashed banana, which I think is probably a replacement for the missing butter in the dough.

Anyway: This cake is very moist and super delicious. My mom is visiting right now and the both of us together just ate more than half of the entire cake for breakfast.

Liz what are your thoughts about this healthy version of an already healthy sounding cake?

Right from the start I have to remind you, Jewels, that you already photographed a carrot cake for our second cookbook, which was all about baking („Anni backt in Münster“)!
Veronika’s version of a carrot cake was a lot healthier than ours and I had to get used to it being not so sweet. Another new thing for me was the mashed banana since I really don’t usually like that! But after the second piece, I kind of liked it and the cake didn’t have a long life. Since I couldn’t find cocoa butter either, I just melted semi-sweet chocolate, whisked it up with a little bit of cream, and used that as frosting.
As always, being part of a triple challenge was exciting again. And seeing the three different outcomes makes us happy! Read Veronika’s blog a bit and you’ll find lots of great ideas for healthy nutrition.
Thank you, Veronika, for being part of this great challenge and sharing your recipe with us!

Here you can see Veronika’s beautiful version of the carrot cake:


The recipe translated:
German readers should visit Veronika’s blog to skip all the translating work. English readers can stay right here:


Healthy Carrot Cake

For kids and people with a large sweet tooth should use some extra maple sirup. Spelt flour and cocoa butter you can find at organic grocery stores and csa stores.

3 eggs

1 very ripe banana

3 carrots (about 180g)

125 g ground almonds (with peel)

45 g of spelt flour

2-5 tablespoons of maple sirup

1/4 of a teaspoon of baking powder

1 hint of cinnamon

1 hint of salt

apple sauce or apricot jam

For the frosting:

40 g of cacao butter

2 table spoons of maple sirup

2 good tablespoons of cacao powder

Separate the eggs. Grind the carrots. Mash the banana with a fork. Add the carrots and the banana to the egg yolk along with the maple sirup. Mix everything together. Preheat the oven to 350° Fahrenheit. Mix together the spelt flour, the almonds, the baking powder and the cinnamon and then add it to the dough. Whisk the egg white with the salt until stiff. Carefully add the dough to the egg white with a large wooden spoon.
Pour the dough into an oiled and floured pan and put it in the oven. Backe for about 35mins. After being cooled completely cut the cake horizontally. Spread the jam over the bottom part and put the top back on.
For the icing heat up the cacao butter in a pot until melted. Whisk in the maple sirup and the cacao powder. Pour the liquid chocolate over the cake and you are done! Please enjoy this healthy treat with your family!