All, The Challenges

Potatoes on WHAT?!

Have you noticed that Jewels and I love super simple recipes? You probably have. We’re both working moms and always very busy. So simple recipes really make us happy!

My last four weeks have been a bit busier than usual because I had the honor of being a co-teacher over at Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way e-course. Teaching ‚Styling‘ for over 700 students around the world was very exciting! Besides that Jewels and I are working on our next cookbook that will be published in fall 2014. Our deadline is in January 2014. So I’ve been baking, writing, crafting and taking photos a lot the last few weeks.

We like it when our readers give us ideas on which recipe to use for our challenges. When Jewels‘ sweet sister Hannah sent over this recipe for Breadsticks (by Spoonforkbacon) my first thought was „potatoes on pizza??“. The things kids eat these days… But how convenient that this recipe asks for store bought pizza dough!

I made the breadsticks in the evening, shooed away my husband (who loved them!) and rescued them for the next morning. I awoke to the greyest November morning I’ve ever seen: fog everywhere and the worst light for photos! I tried anyway and luckily was quite satisfied with the outcome.

Jewels told me that her husband Mike wants these breadsticks for dinner every night now. So it sounds like it was a big success overseas, too!

Please find the recipe here!

– Liz
PS: I used rosemary instead of thyme & basil and it was really delicious.