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Romantic Blackberry Rosemary Mocktail for Two

This trend of combining flavors you wouldn’t immediately think can go together, can turn into an adventurous culinary hobby. Of course we’ve been adding salt to chocolate and caramel since the olden days. But recently I’ve tried sweet basil cake, olive oil thyme ice cream, red beet chocolate cake, and many other fun combinations of savory flavors in desert dishes.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the patissier of a michelin starred restaurant in Hamburg. He told me about some scary combos of flavors that he serves at this restaurant: passion fruit chocolates with dill, apricots with poppy seeds, vinegar, sourdough, and parsley – as a desert!

So adding rosemary to a blackberry elderflower cocktail took almost no courage. And it paid of. The flavor combo is really refreshing – and no alcohol is needed for this driving friendly beverage. I served it to my brother in law (who would usually prefer a good beer) and his girlfriend. It made them feel all romantic and giggly.

Here is the recipe:

Fill up your glass with sparkling water almost all the way. Then add a generous splash of elderflower syrup. Throw in a few black berries and squeeze them a bit with a fork. Finish off with a branch of rosemary. Serve on ice.