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S’more Eclairs

Eclairs are known in both of „our“ continents. But I think that in Germany most people don’t know what a „S’more“ is. For the German readers: S’more is the short version for „some more“. Imagine you are child with a full mouth of something sweet and then raise your eyebrows and beg for „some more!“. S’mores come in many different shapes and kinds: muffins, waffles, cupcakes… They usually contain marshmallows and chocolate and are so good you can not stop wanting more…

I found this amazing recipe of S’more Eclairs on the bakers royale blog. I changed the topping into a simple dark layer as opposed to the swirl. Besides that I used the recipe as it is and it worked very well. To be honest, it was a lot of work but it was worth it. They were so delicious and got eaten by myself, my husband and my neighbors in no time.

They inspired me so much, that I also took a little video of them:

– Jewels