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Styled Shoot? Watt is’n datt? oder We are Sweet Paul!

I don’t even remember whose idea it was. For sure it wasn’t mine! But I liked it. The idea was for four bloggers to make a dinner together. Not just any dinner, but a really well styled one with beautiful food. And of course this little event would be photographed, AND hopefully published. I guess a „styled shoot“ is what the kids are calling it these days. I had never heard that term before. The four bloggers were Liz and me, Katharina Küllmer from ess.raum, and Sonja Harnisch from fein gedacht.


Katharina is an amazing chef and food photographer. She frequently organizes dinner clubs where she cooks for a small group of people. At one of those gourmet dinner nights, Sonja was one of her guests, which is how they met and fell in culinary love. Sonja is a pro when it comes to public relations. She recently started her own business offering marketing strategies to bloggers and corporate companies.

2014_01_03_food4four_138_galerie 2

So the plan was done: „food4four“ was born, a location was found at the great Factory Hotel in Münster, a menu was created, a date was set. However, we needed a second photographer to follow us around while cooking, decorating, and eating. Good thing we had Anna there with her magical photo skills!

2014_01_03_food4four_138_galerie copy

We had such a fun day styling everything and figuring out how a styled shoot actually works. I had never done anything where I was creating an event that I was in and that I was also photographing. Probably similar to Katharina’s experience who was cooking „for guests“ and then she turned into one of them.














Ok, now let’s talk about the real highlight of this entire story: The publication! Throughout the whole thing, we had no idea what we were going to do with the photos. We had our hopes up to get the story published somewhere. But it’s hard to get a yes from someone before they see results. So we had to finish everything without knowing if anyone beyond our beloved blog readers (that’s you!), would ever see any of it. Thanks to Sweet Paul, they would. Sweet Paul Germany liked the story and published it in their current issue. YAY!!!


Before we fly off to cloud nine, we want to thank all sponsors of this styled shoot. THANK YOU so much:
ASA selection · Bloomy Days · Garn & Mehr · Hochdruckgebiet Letterpress Manufaktur · Weingut Altenkirch · Anna Haas Fotografie

Sonja wrote a beautiful post in German about „food4four“. Check it out here

– Jewels



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