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Unser neues Buch: New York – Capital of Food

Jewels:Ja… es ist offiziell: Wir sind der Stadt verfallen. Es hilft nix. New York City ist einfach so hammer und es gab noch unerzählte Geschichten, noch nicht probierte Rezepte, noch nicht gemachte Fotos. Insbesondere die Sommerzeit in NYC war euch ja bei unseren letzten beiden Büchern vorenthalten. Wir freuen uns also sehr, Euch nun „New York – Capital […]

Tips for a Trip to Brooklyn!

Jewels:As many of you know, I lived in Brooklyn for 5 years. I originally moved there for love because my husband is American. I met him in Bushwick, Brooklyn, when Bushwick was still an ugly but somewhat charming place to live. It was rough around the edges but full of creative potential. My husband only […]

Virgin Chocolate made in Brooklyn

I like when good things come in beautiful packages. And that is the first thing I noticed about Raaka. The chocolates come in paper wrapped bars that look like thoughtfully hand-drawn pieces of art. Of course the next thing you can’t help to notice is that it says virgin everywhere. What does that mean for […]