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Wenn Hirsche wüssten, wie schön sie sind…

Jewels:Wie Ihr vielleicht wisst, liebe ich Hirsche, Rehe, Rentiere – eigentlich alles, was ein Geweih hat. Deswegen heißt mein zweites Standbein neben der Food Fotografie auch Deer Baby Photography. Hirsche sind einfach so wunderschön! So habe ich direkt ganz große, ich muss zugeben fast gierige Augen bekommen, als ich die Kollektion von von Erika zufällig auf […]

Spatzl, how are your Spätzle?

Jewels: Spetzel, Schpatzel, Sputsel… American don’t know how to pronounce it, but they do love our Spätzle! I just got myself a „Spätzlesieb„ which lets me spätzel away those little noodles in no time. You can make them with a simple cutting board instead too though, it just takes a little longer! Add some cheese and every […]

Hört mal, wie ich backe

Jewels: Heute kommt das Raaaaaadio zu mir! Das Radio? JA! Das Raaaaadio! Und wie wollen die “zeigen” wie Du kochst und fotografierst? Ist ja schon eher ‘ne optische und von mir aus auch ‘ne geschmackliche Geschichte. Wie bringt man das denn mit Geräuschen rüber?? Ja, das hab ich mich alles gefragt. War aber gar nicht so […]

A taste of fall in the summer

Liz: Summer is kind of fading out. Although it’s only August it really feels like fall already. I feel a bit cheated on. Trees already have yellow leaves and they fall at the mildest wind blow already. On the farmers market I saw pumpkins and – with the weather getting us in the mood – […]

Hello Autumn!

Jewels and I both contribute to „Food in Motion“ once a month on Holly Becker’s blog decor8. Last month I made a crumble from freshly picked apples from the trees in my garden: These last days have been perfect in our part of Germany! I love waking up to clear skies and crispy cold air. […]

Liz & Jewels meet Backbube

Warum sind Foodblogger eigentlich immer Mädchen? Die bekanntesten Spitzenköche sind doch auch Jungs! Vielleicht liegt es an dem weiblichen Mitteilungsbedürfnis.  Wir erzählen eben gerade darüber, was wir so gezaubert haben und tauschen uns darüber aus, warum der Pudding unten angebrannt ist. Jungs behalten solche Missgeschicke wohl lieber für sich. Es gibt aber einen, der ist […]

Plum cake: black & white.

We often get asked, if we really don’t discuss the recipe and the styling before we start cooking and setting up our photo. The answer: No, we really don’t! I’m as excited as a little kid before unpacking a present when the email pops up with  Jewels picture! I can’t wait and usually urge Jewels […]

The Chestnut Hunt

Jewels: I supposedly live in this city of infinite possibilities. Where you can get anything at all times. Chestnuts, however, don’t seem to be on that list. Or at least they apparently require a special code word at the supermarket. After going to two supermarkets and having asked about 6 store employees I was ready […]

Mushroom Risotto

Getting in the mood for autumn

I can’t believe it’s November already! And today was such a grey and rainy day that Jewels and I decided to cook something that tastes like autumn: Mushroom Risotto. Obviously we both had the idea of styling the dish a bit gloomy and dark. We were surprised since we never talk about our styling-ideas before […]

Challenge: Plum Pie with Caramelized Almonds

For this week’s challenge we decided to make a traditional German plum pie. For some excitement we added the caramelized almonds instead of the classic Streusel us Germans like so much. The almonds definitely give it a nice crunch factor. I am always nervous when making caramel though, it literally stresses me out to the […]


Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chunk Cake

On sunday I woke up to a beautiful autumn day – bright sky, cold air, orange and yellow colors everywhere! We headed out to an old-fashioned, pretty stuffy restaurant in the afternoon, met friends with kids and spent some time on a really nice (but also somewhat dated!) playground, surrounded by big, old chestnut trees. […]