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Was für ein Käse!

Ich bin Vegetarier. Moralisch gesehen wäre ich am liebsten Veganer, aber was mich davon abhält, ist mein riesengroßer Appetit auf Käse. Ich liebe uralten Gouda, blau verschimmelten Gorgonzola, pupstrockenen Parmesan, Ricotta, Feta, Hüttenkäse, jungen Käse, alten Käse, löchrigen Käse, also wirklich fast jeden Käse. Sorry, aber da kann Tofu-Käse einfach nicht mithalten!  Meistens esse ich […]

Sweet Paul’s Childhood Memory

Can anybody really resist chocolate? And if it’s combined with butter, sugar, eggs and topped with sweet raspberries isn’t it just divine? Well, that’s what we thought at least and suggested to bake, style and shoot Raspberry Brownies for the Sweet Paul Magazine Germany. We had read that Paul Lowe has childhood memories of Raspberry […]

Hello Sweet Paul!

We are super excited this week because the German issue of Sweet Paul Magazine came out today and our blog is featured in it! And that’s not even all: they also asked us if we wanted to cook, style and photograph two recipes for them! On our two different continents of course. Jewels in New […]