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Rote-Beete Gin Tonic mit Blaubeeren

Jewels: „Wie wär’s denn mal mit einem Drink als nächste Challenge?“ Liz: „Drink find ich gut. Kann man gut schlürfen, wenn man von der Arbeit kommt und sich ans Essen-Kochen macht. Hast Du was im Sinn?“ Jewels: „Was mit Roter Beete? :-)“ Liz: „Weil Du genau weißt, dass ich kein Rote Beete Fan bin?“ Jewels: […]

Red Beets for Dessert

Jewels: This week our photos couldn’t be more different right? Liz’s photo is so bright, friendly, and inviting, while I took a much moodier approach. They are almost the inverted counterpart of each other! Anyway, what did we create here? It might look like another boring chocolate cake, but don’t be fooled. It is actually a […]

Sneaking in the beets

The other day on whatsapp: Jewels: When are we going to post the gnocchi on our blog? Liz: Huh? Which gnocchi?? Jewels: The red ones! Liz: oh nooooo… Jewels: I sent you the recipe a long time ago! Liz: oh… I forgot that one on purpose 😉 So this is what our conversation about the […]

Challenge no 14: Pink Soup

Isn’t pink soup just gorgeous? I love that flashy color. It is made with red beets, which are so healthy in many different ways. The soup is very easy to make and doesn’t need a very specific recipe. Here is how I make it: I peel and dice one large red beet, one carrot, one […]