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Kunterbunter Flammkuchen

Jewels:Wo ist eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen einem Flammkuchen und einer Pizza? Der Boden ist gleich oder? Mit Pizza verbinde ich eher die rote Soße und mit Flammkuchen die weiße Soße bzw. Sauerrahm. Ich mag jedenfalls beides hammergerne. Besonders seit mir die liebe Julia bei unserem letzten Workshop einen Pizzastahl geschenkt hat. Das ist wie ein […]

Not white! Green!

Besides spring, summer, fall, and winter we have a fifth season in Germany. (And I’m NOT talking about Karneval!!) Of course I’m talking about the „Spargelzeit“ (asparagus time). For about three months starting in April Germans eat their asparagus like crazy people. Not the green kind though! Mostly it’s the white, slightly bitter kind. We […]

Something new: Quinoa.

Sometimes there are things that you tend to avoid. Not really on purpose, but some tings just sounds weird and are unknown. Like quinoa. How do you even pronounce that? Then all of a sudden I had a box of this in my kitchen because a friend gave it to me. I had heard of […]

On tour with Rick Stein and the BBC!

A few weeks ago I received an email from Liz at the British production firm Denhams, asking if I would like to be a ‚fixer‘ for the German Rick-Stein-Tour! Rick Stein, the English chef and TV presenter, was going to visit Germany, starting in Hamburg, traveling to the coast, then down to Düsseldorf and on […]

Green Asparagus Tart with Goat Cheese

In Germany we currently have the very much beloved „Spargelzeit“. For Americans this might sound a little strange because you can get everything at all times all year round, but asparagus in Germany is still a very distinctly seasonal product. During the Spargelzeit Germans eat the white asparagus almost every day. Traditionally we cook it […]