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Satt-grüne Frühlingsboten: Kleine Erbsen-Pfannkuchen

Liz:Heute strahlt die Sonne aus allen Knopflöchern und während ich hier bei offenem Fenster sitze und schreibe, zwitschert es draußen wie verrückt. Die Vögel singen, es sind 15 Grad und hinter mir liegt eine Fahrradtour in die Stadt und auf den schönen Wochenmarkt am Domplatz in Münster. Ich hatte Lust den Frühling auch in der […]

Not white! Green!

Besides spring, summer, fall, and winter we have a fifth season in Germany. (And I’m NOT talking about Karneval!!) Of course I’m talking about the „Spargelzeit“ (asparagus time). For about three months starting in April Germans eat their asparagus like crazy people. Not the green kind though! Mostly it’s the white, slightly bitter kind. We […]

Spring is in the air

Last week nature exploded and brought a flurry of yellow flowers. All this spring air made me feel active and I decided to combine this Food in Motion episode with a recipe from my latest book and an easy pre-Easter DIY packaging idea. My daughter helped (as always!) and was eager to glue the yellow dots […]

Green Asparagus Tart with Goat Cheese

In Germany we currently have the very much beloved „Spargelzeit“. For Americans this might sound a little strange because you can get everything at all times all year round, but asparagus in Germany is still a very distinctly seasonal product. During the Spargelzeit Germans eat the white asparagus almost every day. Traditionally we cook it […]

Sweet Braided Bread

Or as us Germans call it: Hefezopf („Yeast Ponytail“). In the US it is mostly known as Challah Bread. Germans like to eat this sweet fluffy bread especially around Easter Time. With some butter and a hot chocolate it is so good. Liz told me how delicious hers was and how her family ate it […]