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In Smoothie heaven

Wir haben einen neuen Mitbewohner. Er ist ganz pflegleicht, arbeitswütig und macht uns große Freude. Seit kurzem steht der Thermomix in unserer Küche, den mir Vorwerk freundlicherweise als Dauerleihgabe zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Seitdem mixe, hexel und rühre ich vieles mit ihm. Nicht alles, denn für mich hat das Anstellen von Pfannen und Töpfen auf […]

Strawberry-Layered Chocolate Cookies

I’ve been longing for strawberry season, and am SO happy it’s now on! I decided to combine this Food in Motion episode with my strawberry love. My picky 4-year-old daughter happens to love them too, so we share a passion for the little sweet & red fruit. We started planting our own strawberry plants a […]

Little Hands

Our monthly contribution to the „Food in Motion“ episode over at decor8 is all about berries: This time I had my daughter help me in the kitchen…. Berries taste wonderful on their own, but don’t they taste even better when there is cake around them??? Oh yes! Right now I’m working on my fourth cookbook […]

Two ways to crumble.

Big changes are happening in my life: I have a new kitchen tool. And it is not just any tool, it is a tool that makes me change the way I bake and cook and eat. And my poor husband has to go with it… Well, only until he manages to bring a proper meal […]