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We love pasta

Liz:Der Dezember ist ja wirklich schrecklich was den Konsum von Süßkram betrifft. Da wacht man morgens auf, nimmt sich vor „heute ess ich aber ganz bestimmt nix Süßes!“ und wie lang hält der gute Vorsatz dann? Da kommt der eine mit Kuchen an, die andere mit nem Nikolaus, hier liegen Lebkuchen und dort was anderes. […]

Sweet Potato Challenge

Liz: I have to admit I was not very enthusiastic when Jewels suggestetd the recipe! The first thing I told Jewels was that I didn’t even know if I could get sweet potatoes in Germany. Of course they are available here, even our local supermarket has them. Because the thought of making them didn’t set […]

Tomato Tarte – Challenge no 10

This time we wanted to cook something colorful and since my greenhouse is filled with ripe delicious tomatoes I suggested the tomato tarte. We had 40 guests over for a garden party on saturday and I thought tartes would be good party-food so I made five of them – two with tomatoes and the other […]