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Liz & Jewels

One designer and one photographer, in two cities, sharing their love for food and photography.
They started blogging as two girls cooking on two continents when Jewels moved to New York a few years ago. Now they’re on one continent again, even one country: Liz is in Münster and Jewels in Hamburg.

Liz & Jewels love working together on cookbooks, magazine spreads, workshops and other food projects. This blog will keep them connected – wherever they live!

The challenges: Every week they meet each other virtually for a food challenge. They cook or bake the exact same recipe, then style and photograph it, and post it on their blog. It is fun to see how different the results usually are! Readers worldwide follow every week‘s challenge to see what happens when two girls cook the same dish in two kitchens.

Eine Designerin, eine Fotografin, in zwei Städten, teilen hier ihre Liebe für Essen und Fotografie. Liz & Jewels haben mal auf zwei Kontinenten angefangen, als Jewels noch in New York lebte. Mittlerweile leben beide wieder auf einem Kontinent, sogar in einem Land: Liz in Münster und Jewels in Hamburg.
Die beiden lieben es zusammen zu arbeiten: Kochbücher, Food-Strecken für Magazine, Workshop, und andere Projekte rund um gutes Essen. Dieser Blog wird sie für immer verbinden, egal wo die beiden leben!
Jede Woche kochen oder backen sie ein Gericht und stylen und fotografieren es, aber jede in ihrer Küche. Über die Ergebnisse, Missgeschicke und Erfolge schreiben sie hier auf ihrem Blog.

Liz:I’m a graphic designer and cookbook author, based in Germany. I published my first cookbook in 2010, the second in 2011. Together with my business partner I invented „Anni“: a friendly kitchen expert, the kind of grandmother everyone wants and I somehow had. The first cookbook Anni kocht in Münster, took readers by storm, followed one year later by „Anni backt in Münster„, its baking equivalent. In 2012 the children’s cookbook „Anni kocht für Kinder“ was published. We just finished our 4th cookbook „Grüße aus meiner Küche„, that was published in January 2014. I love working with Jewels –  It’s fun, efficient and just wonderful. We’re also authors of the cookbook „DAYlicious“ and „Picknick“ where 6 great food blogger ladies came together to write a wonderful book. Right now I’m working on cookbook number 18 as author and food photographer.

When I’m not in the kitchen trying out new recipes, I’m busy as one of the founding partners in my own business, the agency for communication design Nieschlag + Wentrup. Above all I’m a mother of a charming nine-year-old girl.

To see more of my food photography, click here: www.lisanieschlag.de
And check out my blog „Liz&Friends“ here.

Jewels:After having worked in in New York for 5 years as a photographer, I now live in Hamburg with my little family.

Loving delicious things it is not surprising that almost everything I photograph is food and babies. My food photography you can find not only here on this blog but also in the many cookbooks I photographed, but also in various food magazines.

My second passion are babies and taking photos of them. I just love those little feet and tiny fingers… So I created Deer Baby Photography.

To see more of my food photography, click here: www.deerfoodphoto.com



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