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Virgin Chocolate made in Brooklyn

I like when good things come in beautiful packages. And that is the first thing I noticed about Raaka. The chocolates come in paper wrapped bars that look like thoughtfully hand-drawn pieces of art. Of course the next thing you can’t help to notice is that it says virgin everywhere. What does that mean for a piece of chocolate??

It means something that I didn’t know was possible: unroasted. That means you can find different flavors in the beans that you can’t find in conventional chocolate.

All their chocolates are dark chocolates and therefore vegan because they don’t contain milk. My favorite is the Vanilla Rooibos because it has a warm, fruity sweetness to it that I didn’t expect in a dark chocolate.

Ryan Cheney, the founder of Raaka, has a vision of people tasting chocolate like they are tasting wine. There are a few chocolate lovers who already do that but most people don’t meet on a Saturday night to discover the fine differences between two different beans – yet.

Like a lot of small manufacturers in Brooklyn, Raaka also practices green values: recycled paper, organic fair trade ingredients and the cocoa husk is reused as mulch and fertilizer at Edible Schoolyard NYC.

What can I add to that? It is good chocolate, well made, with the right mind, with a good look. I foresee a big future… If you want to foresee a big future too, here is where you can try their chocolates:

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  1. I was so looking forward to a chocolate recipe on reading the title. Nevertheless, for now the yummy pictures will do 🙂

    • we have a chocolate recipe planned, so stay tuned!
      best, liz

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