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Wonderful Workshops…

Whenever I leave New York to fly to my home town Münster, Germany, Liz and I try to organize some sort of creative project to work on together. Most of the year we only get to collaborate virtually – through our blog. So we use every chance we get to put something together to work our magic on.

Last month was one of those special occasions: We had another one of our beautiful food photography workshop weekends. For the Saturday we tried something new this time: A Lightroom/Photoshop Workshop for food bloggers. It was a very intimate setting of 6 students who were eager to learn how to select the good photos out of a session and work on them with Lightroom and Photoshop. Annemarie, Tabea, Melanie Alhoff, Julia, Simone and Barbara got their hands on the tricks and tipps, from histogram to getting rid of unwanted crumbs or increasing the crumbs! We had a wonderful afternoon with those girls and would love to repeat this little post production retreat in the future.

collage workshop 1

On Sunday we pulled off another one of our classic Food Styling and Photography Workshops. We were able to get the special guest Dietlind Wolf to be part of the day again. 16 participants came from all over Germany, even Austria and Switzerland to learn how to take beautiful food photos. We had everything prepared on Saturday evening at the Factory Hotel, welcoming our participants with outstanding goodie bags, filled with great products. 



We started off with an introduction round, so that we all got to know eachother, looking at the participants’ homework. I then started off with an introduction to the basics of photography, followed by Liz who gave us insights into composition, styling and even an intro into typography. We then let Dietlind have the floor, who took us all into her spell with her knowledge and inspiration.


WorkshopLizJewels1 WorkshopLizJewels2 WorkshopLizJewels3


After lunch the practical part started and we’re so happy Dietlind stayed on to help the participants turn their ideas into great concepts, choosing the right props and backgrounds to create an individual and special setting for each participant. And what can I say? We were blown away by the outcome! 16 individual and creative ideas came to live and the pretty little cakes from Milchmädel were put into new light. Thank you girls, for being such an inspirational group and making this food workshop special!

We also always get new views and perspectives on things whenever we teach. Our thanks also go to Dietlind for working her magic again! And then of course: thanks to all the great sponsors, who supported us with their great props, cakes and vouchers.


WorkshopLizJewels8And of course, Liz and I put our heads together and will offer our next workshop: The date will be August 17th in Münster. If you’re interested in being part of the next workshop, be quick and send us an Email to reserve your spot:







If you want to read how our participants experiences the workshop, click here:

Monsieur Muffin 

Schmeckt wohl

Maras Wunderland


– Jewels



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