All, The Challenges

Yes. We DID use the same recipe.

Doesn’t look like it though, huh? This one was probably the strangest challenge so far. We found the recipe on bon appétit and it sounded very simple. And you know what Liz and I think about simple: „YES PLEASE“! The recipe only called for a handful of ingredients, no high maintenance dough, no special pampering, no using 3 bowls and 5 other special kitchen tools. Just add eggs, butter, flour, and a couple of other things, put the dough into a muffin pan and that’s it.

But something about this recipe is just not right. As you can see above, my popovers did not pop one millimeter. They stayed completely dense and were therefore the driest muffins I have ever had. Honestly I tossed them in the garbage right after I took this picture. Liz told me that she let the dough sit overnight, so her popovers did actually pop, but then deflated within minutes. That’s why hers have this funny looking shape. She told me that they were not great but at least edible. She was able to convince her daughter to hold the plate for the picture but she crinkled her nose and wouldn’t eat more than one bite.

So, if you’re still up to try this recipe on your own after the above rave, my tip is: add more salt than the recipe asks for and also add something fun like bacon, onions, leeks, cheese. Anything really to give these popovers some pop.

– Jewels